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Is it a good idea to install painted kitchen units?

Considering your passion for cooking, you deserve to have a kitchen depicted in your dreams. That’s why you shouldn’t have second thoughts if you want to renovate it or revamp the cabinets’ look. 

It’s been a while since you’ve been itching for a change, but you postponed it because you didn’t want to break the bank on a complete kitchen renovation. But what if we tell you that you can refinish the kitchen cabinets, change the placement for a couple of appliances and obtain a result close to a total space makeover. Changing the kitchen’s look by painting the kitchen units is an effective way to get the welcoming and inspiring kitchen you’ve always wanted. 

If you still have doubts that painting the kitchen cabinets is a great idea, here are the main reasons why we find it the best choice

Reasons to paint the kitchen cabinets

It’s cost-efficient

You can save money when you repaint kitchen cabinets instead of replacing them with new ones. Depending on how large your kitchen is you may even save hundreds of dollars because some furniture units are quite expensive. Experts reveal that repainting kitchen cabinets costs a third of replacing them and a tenth of the total price of a kitchen renovation. It’s the most money-savvy solution if you’re looking for a way to save money. 

However, if you have more money to spare, you could replace the old cabinets with painted kitchen units purchased from a manufacturer specialised in kitchen furniture. The units will totally change the room’s vibe and provide you with the kitchen you’ve always dreamt of.  

Painted cabinets look like new units

If you don’t afford to purchase new kitchen cabinets but are tired of the look of the old ones, painting them can help you change their appearance. Painting furniture completely transforms the items and makes them look like you bought new ones. Everyone will think you changed the old units with new ones. If you don’t have the needed skills to repaint them on your own, hire a specialist to sand them down and give them a total makeover. You won’t recognise them at the end of the day. 

Painted cabinets brighten the kitchen

Suppose you paint the kitchen units in a light hue; you transform the overall appearance of the room and brighten it up. If your old cabinets have a bland colour, you’ll be surprised how different the vibe they create if you opt for a light and bright colour. White cabinets also work great if you prefer a modern design. 

Often, changing the room’s colour palette is enough to give it a facelift. A brighter room also looks larger without physically modifying it. Painting the cabinets is the perfect way to change the kitchen’s look if you love the layout but feel the need for a change. 

Painted cabinets are in trend

Painted furniture is quite popular in the interior design world, especially when it comes to tones of greys and whites. If you plan to sell your house fully furnished, it would be a great idea to paint the kitchen units. Also, you most likely have watched one of those home improvement shows that promote revamping furniture instead of throwing it away and purchasing new items. As long as the units are functional, they provide you with the perfect foundation for painting. 

It’s the eco-friendly solution

When you totally renovate the kitchen, you take everything out and replace it with something new. This means that most of your kitchen furniture and appliances end up in the local landfill. Painting the kitchen units is an eco-friendlier solution because you reuse the furniture and produce less waste. 

When should you consider painting your kitchen units?

Your kitchen units have both functional and aesthetic roles in your house. However, when they look worn out and dated, they impact the overall style and vibe of the room and make it less enjoyable to cook and spend time there. While cabinet replacement and refinishing are popular solutions during kitchen makeovers, cabinet painting is more affordable and can produce satisfactory results. 

But before deciding which option works best for your kitchen, let’s find out when you should paint the units. 

The cabinets are dirty or look outdated

Do you hate the kitchen cabinets because they look old fashioned and dirty? Painting them can change their appearance and transform the room from an outdated to a modern one you love to spend time in. Depending on the colour you choose, it can even look brighter and larger. 

Older cabinets with stained surfaces won’t look clean no matter what products you use to scrub them or how many times a week you clean them. Paintworks as a refresher and changes the overall look of the kitchen. 

You want to personalise your kitchen

Painted cabinets can match any style, so they allow for the highest level of customisation. White is the most popular hue in kitchen units at the moment, but there is no limit to what colour to choose if you want to revamp the kitchen. When you have personalisation in mind, don’t stop painting the cabinets in a solid colour, but enhance their appearance with distressed finishes, decorations, and extra details. 

You want to modernise the kitchen

Maybe you like the kitchen layout and cabinets but hate the colour palette. If the units are in excellent physical condition, but the colour looks outdated, paint them to create a new look and avoid the hassle of an expensive remodel

You want to revamp the kitchen but have no free time

A kitchen refinishing project can last several days and even weeks, and you have no time for such a disruption. Cabinet painting allows you to improve the kitchen’s look faster and get back to your normal life. If you don’t want to handle the project on your own, hire a contractor to work while you’re at the office. 

Final words

As you’ve already seen, there are several reasons to paint the kitchen cabinets. Do you consider it a choice you’d like to try?

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