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I’m writing this from London as Miami was a quick but productive blur. I arrived Friday evening and flew out Saturday evening at about the same time. It was a quick stop over and really hit the spot. South Beach is a solid time and I’m always thrilled to arrive but for some reason, never mind leaving if that makes sense? I remember some lyrics in a Jay-Z song about “All black everything” and I thought of that walking around South Beach only, “All Fake Everything” and I mean everything…

Suffice to say if you’re hitting up South Beach, I suggest you look into the South Beach Group of hotels and hostels. They give you a free transfer to and from the hotel and hav e a happy hour which will get you going. I have never worked with them but I did scour the internet before I hit up Miami for the first time and they were the clear winner so I’ve never wavered and really happy with the arrangement. Afterwards I hit up some sushi; tones of great joints in South Beach before hitting the bed at 10pm; crazy I know.


The next day it was down to business and I met up with my friend Jeremy from The World or Bust. He’s a good sport as going shopping with me is not a fun thing to do. You know someone who is indecisive when it comes to shopping? Multiply that a few times and you’re starting to get the idea. Long story short, ever since my computer crashed in the Caribbean I’ve been having serius issues with my iphone.

It wouldn’t connect to my PC so I figured it was time to get a new one. I did all the online searches and it all lead to me thinking it simply didn’t work. Little did I know that it was because I can’t read Spanish and the phone was still good; big thanks to the ladies at Best Buy. That said, isn’t life about betterment in every sense of the word? I talked to the Samsung rep and sure enough he is an iPhone fan like myself. I picked up the iPhone 5S and wow; it’s incredible. I can’t believe it took me this long considering I’ve been using the same old crusty iPhone 4 since 2010…


Afterwards we hit up Hiro Sushi Express which is like 1 block from Moshi Moshi which I thought was good until I found this place. The sushi is comparable but Hiro is half the price and fast; it also has a huge menu. We ordered lots including a sashimi platter and it came to ~$30; can’t go wrong.

No idea when I’m back in Miami but I’m always down for a night or two…

Lots of people go there to party; if you want to escape the cold and let loose for a bit; recommended.

Tips hat,

Author: SHABL

Rob has been traveling the world and living abroad for over a decade. The goal was to stop having a boring life and it turned into something far greater. He's worked with national tourism boards and been mentioned in National Geographic. These days he lives abroad and loves business, technology, the tropical lifestyle, good food and travel.

6 thoughts on “Iphones, Sushi & South Beach Group in Miami

  1. Haha dude, I got a text from my mom this morning saying she got a call from someone saying they found my 4S that got stolen a month ago. I showed up at the dude’s house and he said he found it on his lawn the night before! Could of hooked you up with that haha, oh well, now The House of SHABL is rocking the fresh 5S just in time to show it means business on the Press Trips…Good times hanging as always.

    1. Most definitely and as I was walking through the terminal in LHR today I saw an advert for the 5C and was glad I made the move to 5S. That said; the deal you offered would have changed my mind in a hurry. If you still have it when I’m back I’ll buy it for sure.

      Great hanging with you as always and good luck on the launch, good sir.

      P.S: Camera is so good it’s fun taking photos again.

  2. Enjoy your trip to the golf world. I’m back in OBX of North Carolina. Will be back to Little Corn in the middle of June I think. Very interesting happenings. No land.

    1. Thanks man and looking forward to connecting; I think when you come back everything will hopefully be sorted. Fingers crossed and good to hear from you, good sir.

  3. Hey Rob. You may have figured this out already, but did you see the cool slo-mo feature on the 5S camera? Since you shoot videos I thought it might be something you’d like to use. I’ve shot a few videos using slo-mo and it’s worked out well — IMHO.

    My display bit the dust on my 9 month old Mac Air so I am trying the “Certified Apple” shop and if it doesn’t work I figure next time I’m in the US I’ll step up to the Genius Bar and let them know their partner here is not worthy of the Apple designation and. Good news is I have Apple Care protection, but living on am iPad and iPhone doesn’t cut it.

    Have fun in London. By the way, the weather in Central America turned and we are expecting 39° – 42° temps in San Pedro this week. Ack!

    1. Thanks regarding the slo-mo. I saw it once but never gave it much thought but will look into it. I can imagine your issues finding a certified dealer; perhaps some will sell but the whole servicing is another issue entirely!

      Wow, that’s cold; a bit too cold. That said, it’s so hot in parts of Nicaragua that the cool air in London is a welcome change because I know it’s not a permanent thing. 😉

      Stay warm!

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