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I’m Quitting Blogging – This is Goodbye


Hello everyone,

Apologies for the slow blogging lately but it’s because I have something to tell you… Lately I’ve started building and it’s got me thinking about what’s important and what I need in my life. I’ve been doing so much traveling the last few years that all I really want to do is settle down and I think I’ve found the perfect place here on Little Corn Island.

Instead of blogging I’ve been laying on the beach, eating coconuts and learning to become a yoga instructor. I think yoga is the key to balance in my life and I even bought some soap that is infused with pachouli. I just love the smell of pachouli! I’ve also traded in my cargo shorts and aviators for a pair of pants that people often buy on Khao San Road and instead of doing this and that for work, I’ve started making handicrafts and hawking them on the streets of Little Corn.

I’ve started planting vegetables and growing a beard. I hope my vegetables grow as fast as my beard and soon plan to be fully self sufficient aka living off the land. I’ve quit eating meat and even lobster – rice and beans are all that this man needs. I’m planning on turning my properties into a free yoga retreat where people sleep in hammocks and when they leave can leave me a tip be it a dollar or more, it doesn’t really matter.

Lately I’ve been hanging out with a friend and thinking of all these far out inventions like a motor that would work on Mars and making lots of mango chutney; now I just need the jars. I think my hippie yoga retreat will really pick up and I hope to find enlightenment while helping others as well. I’ve realized the world is amazing but travel isn’t necessary when happiness starts at home and Google earth is pretty accurate, yes?

My plans for the future are non-existent and I want to spend the rest of my days listlessly combing the beaches looking for keys I don’t have. Who needs keys when you live in a hammock? Life is so easy the simpler you make it. I realized the more I tried to find what was important the more busy it got and the more complicated. If you keep things simple everything is a breeze and you can enjoy everything like the cool breeze which cools my core now as I type this.

I’m writing this from outside Tranquilo Cafe aka my favourite spot on the island. I’m pretending to be selling handicrafts but actually blogging and feel guilty about it so I’m going to end this now. If you come here look for a man who hasn’t shaved in years and come say hello but please do bring your wallet as I will most certainly try and sell you some bracelet or the like. This is it for me my friends, I traveled the world and now plan on traveling inside my mind to find the meaning of life.

I’m just kidding and Happy April Fools Day to all of you. I’m grinding like always and actually at Tranquilo Cafe right now taking care of business. I’ve been spending too much time on the job site and not enough online so I’m changing that now. What will be will be when it comes to building but blogging takes dedication and SHABL is going strong 5.5+ years into the game. In less than two weeks I’m setting out on my next big adventure; stay tuned.

Tips hat,

25 thoughts on “I’m Quitting Blogging – This is Goodbye

      1. Darn! I was hoping you were serious. I really wanted to go to your free yoga retreat. And I was going to bring you some jars for your mango Chutney and money to buy some of your bracelets. Lol

  1. Rob

    I think you should go ahead and follow through, kinda like April Fools April Fools! Enjoy following and hope to meet you on Little Corn someday.

  2. LOL! That was pure genius! I love the way it started out serious sounding then got more ridiculous as you went.

    Surely no one was buying it after ‘like a motor that would work on Mars’. LOL!!!

  3. Haha! The ‘great’ thing about Facebook is that it sometimes shows posts of one or two days ago on top of my feed….so reading this on April 2nd really raised my eyebrows!

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