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Homeless in Yogyakarta on New Years

I have not slept in 36 hour and now I find myself homeless in Yogyakarta, Java, Indonesia on New Years Eve. I have spent the last 28 hours traveling by motorcycle, bus, ferry, taxis and trains.

I just got off a 7 hour train ride for Sarabaya. Before boarding a security guard I had been chatting with says to “Be Careful” then says “You are a walking ATM to crooks and in case you didn’t notice, the only one here.” Get on the train, it’s 7 hours and I finally arrive at Yogyakarta at ~10:30PM local time. Much to my chagrin, every hotel in the city is booked, seriously. Everyone I have spoken with who speaks English has said the same thing “Be Careful”. There are lots of nice people but also lots of super shady people and I’m the only/ easiest mark here.

Here I am, at a hotel that has free wifi. I asked them if I could use it if I buy a meal. I’m exhausted and would pay $5000US for a hotel right now but there are none. Considering I am leaving the 5th, I could be in Kuta right now, at my favorite bar with some friends or on the original plan on my last update. This whole “Can’t go to Vietnam” thing has sent this trip hay-wire and now I find myself in the strangest city I’ve ever been in totally homeless on the busiest night of the year, New Years Eve.

What a way to spend New Years!? HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!

What am I going to do? After I eat this meal, I am going to get in a cab and try and go somewhere… If that does not work out, pay an egregious cab fee and then I am going to the most expensive hotel I can find to ask if I can store my luggage. Then I’m going to the train station and sleeping on a bench.I have also been asking random hotels if I can sleep in a closet, lobby, anything and will pay. Talking with Gary on facebook now, he has some good insights and confirmed some of these ideas.

As I said, I’ve been up for 36 hours and traveling 28. I’m exhausted and if I wasn’t hardwired with absurd amounts of energy, I would of crashed a long time ago. Ok, honestly I don’t know but if I get in a cab, I add more variables and potential factors that could screw me. As of now I am very close to train station and if you don’t have a ticket, you have to pay to get in. It sounds nuts but it may be my best bet. It’s already close to midnight…

This place is going to get nuts in about 1 hour at New Years, I take that back it already is. The streets are totally packed and it’s just madness. To make matters worse, I stick out like a sore thumb, have all my belongings and don’t speak the language. I do NOT want to be on the street, let alone with all my belongings when the bars start emptying. I’m smart enough to realize I stick out and since I’m so tired… Not a good mix.

Happy New Years!!!

P.S: Should everything work out, I will fill you in on the trip another day. Had I walked into a hotel room here, I’d still have plenty of crazy stories to share from this most “out there” trip I have ever taken in my life. The fact there is no hotel room well this is just next level and I’m REALLY not thrilled about it.

P.P.S: Lesson learned? Never assume you can find a room on New Years Eve at 11PM, never.

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