Hello from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


Never thought I’d be writing this, yes?

Last night had a 12 hour layover in Dubai, decided to hit the town. What a town, Las Vegas has NOTHING on Dubai for shock and awe of top shelf real estate.

The Dubai Mall is the largest mall I have ever seen. Also has tallest building in the world, the thing is a monster. Full update on that to come.

Long and short, wandered around with a backpack and a shopping bag. Roll into a swank hotel over looking the Dubai Mall fountain and world’s tallest building.

Chat with some oil tycoon guys, they leave. Start chatting with a private banker from Switzerland. My credit card won’t work, huh!? Go to an ATM, card won’t work.

Walk around trying every ATM I can find, finally one works. As I’m leaving I tell the banker it was nice meeting him and my credit card wouldn’t work, talk about embarrassing and horrible timing.

He says it has happened to him a few times. He was leaving that night as well. Says “you in a rush to leave?” I say no, he’s like well let’s get a bite to eat in the hotel, on me.

Say “sure”. Long story short, eat the best buffet of my life.  Prawns the size of my arm, sushi for days, sirloin steaks, the works. Dubai does it “BIG”. The chef’s were from Burma and Indonesia, nice gents.

Random world we live in, yes?

I have an hour or so to kill then I”m off to Dar Es Salaam. SUPPOSEDLY you need an exit ticket to get in. I don’t have one. The guy at the desk in Dubai was like “I hope your credit card works or they may not let you in”…

We shall see. That said, I’m banking on the “Canadian Factor” and will tell them I’m going to Kenya by train afterward. Let us hope!

Sat next to a cool gent from Zambia on the plane.

We’re not in Kansas anymore.

Tips hat,

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