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Happy Thanks Giving Canada

putting green in a park in Victoria, British Columbia

Happy Thanks Giving to everyone lucky enough to call Canada home. This is my last full day in Victoria and going to a friends house for the festivities. As always, I’ve brought a healthy appetite. Let me say that Thanks Giving is my favorite holiday of the year. It’s similar to Xmas only without the mindless consumerism associated with it.

Victoria has been a great time despite being on my deathbed or near it most of the trip. I can’t believe I’ve been here almost 3 solid weeks, the entire stay here (mainly on a pullout) has been great and it just went by so incredibly fast, so fast.

Tomorrow I’m catching a BC Ferry back from Victoria and over to Vancouver. It’s actually to Tsawwassen which is a ~30 minute drive from Vancouver. If you’re ever out there, go to Ozzie’s or Oggie’s or something of that nature. It’s a small deli and to this point in time, I’d argue some of the best sandwiches you can buy on this planet. I regularly stop there and stock up. I’d recommend a certain type of sandwich, but they’re all good.

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