Happy Hour at Salt grill & Sky bar in Singapore



Today we’re going to discuss the most marvellous spot called Salt grill & Sky Bar which is situated on the highest point of Orchard Road and now my favorite “Happy Hour” spot in Singapore. This place isn’t somewhere you’ll find in a lonely guidebook or on the tourist trail, in fact I have never heard of it until yesterday. A lovely  local lady I know told me she wanted to show me part of her Singapore away from the maddened crowds…


You basically go to ION Art and from there take a lift to the 55th level aka the top floor with panoramic views of the stellar Singapore skyline which is tough to beat… The whole place had a relaxed and elegant ambiance and everywhere you looked was labeled so you knew what you were looking at. Singapore is a stunning place and if you come visit you’ll be impressed, there is no doubt. Now, if you want to really get a glimpse, go to the 55th floor and behold the entire city state…


I’ve seen a lot of things, in fact, we’ve seen a lot of things as I do my best to share those experiences on this blog, yes? Well yesterday was one of those times where I was wide-eyed excited and in awe. My friend kept it a secret so I had no clue where I was going until I started seeing the elevators numbers shoot as though we were going to the moon.  If you were going to have dinner and a drink I’d expect to be looking at about $100-$150 a person, easy.


You can pay $13-$16SGD for a pint of beer anywhere in Singapore. From 6-7:30PM this fine establishment has two for one on a large selection of beverages! Two for one mojitos at $18 on top of the world is about as good as it gets in Singapore if you ask me. Besides that we had some fries with truffle oil and Parmesan cheese sparingly added which was sensational.  Also, don’t forget to make a reservation as seating is limited; especially near the bar.


I’m leaving Singapore on Sunday night on a most magnificent mission; stay tuned…


Tips hat,

P.S Playing around with HDR…

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