Goodbye Thailand, Hello Laos!?

The internet hates me and I hate the internet. For some reason is h3ll bent on throwing darts at my struggling hot hair balloon of a daily update video. I say hot air as all of my videos are basically just that and the bubble keeps getting burst about half way through some lame data error. <Shakes fist>

Today was good, dare I say grand, ok, just good. Checked out Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep Rajvoravihara in Chiang Mai. Try saying that 5 times with a mouthful of ravioli or even ratatouille for that matter!? It was cool as it’s ~1400M above sea level and you get to see some sadomasochists drive their bikes up from the back of the van you’re in. It was also cool because it was so high up there, I was curious how they got all the materials that high “back in the day”.

Finally it was cool because it’s the LAST temple I’m going to go out of my way to see. I was hanging out with my new Scottish friends and we all agreed that if in some European country we wouldn’t’ go out of our way to see some gothic church, so why do we feel the need to see these temples? I like old ruins, temples, not so much.

It was at this temple I realized my visa expires in 2 days, great. I really hate traveling but love seeing new things. I mean I love traveling but hate packing. I’m all over my room already and I seriously loathe having to cram everything into a backpack once more.

I can go to BURMA for a visa run or to Laos for a bit. I will come back to Thailand to get my last shot for rabies as I don’t trust those hospitals, they seem dodgy. Furthermore I’ve run into some old school expats who say you only do one thing when you get hurt in Laos, come to Thailand.

I was thinking of going to the Olympics as I have some good friends who live there. I then realized I’m not really into any only Olympic sports. The only ones I could see myself really caring about would be winter golf or ice fishing, sadly neither are in the Olympics (hopefully one day). Some half pipe events would be cool but most likely not around the corner and most definitely freezing while drinking over priced hot chocolate.

I’d probably end up just hanging with my friends and watching them on TV while chatting with International women at night in the clubs…. Aren’t I doing that now!?!? I think I’ll stick to the plan of visiting Vancouver in September once more. Seriously, I love Vancouver.

So tomorrow I have to wake up early and head to the hospital for rabies shot 4/5. I hope they have Rabipur or Verorab. If not, I will have 3 different brands, not feeling that so much. After that I need to catch a bus to Chiang Khong or something like that on the border of the mekong and Laos. Then decide to take a 2 day slow boat or an 8 hour speed boat. I wish I had a new book or something.

I got bored today and took a pack of smokes and flushed them, then I walked around the corner and got my teeth cleaned for $18US. They did an amazing job. The place in Bangkok did a lousy job compared to these people. I tip my hat to them. Also if you are a smoker, heavy or light… Check the back of your top front teeth, you can only see it with a mirror, it’s pretty sick. Reason alone to quit really, now they are clean again, thankfully. After that got a massage for 1.5 hours as the lady was out of this world. It was the place from the video last night. I told them I would and they kept reminding me. I’m a gentleman, and gentlemen keep their word.

Then hung out at the parlor with people from around the world that all spoke French. I’m now officially fluent in French and it feels good. I really wish I wasn’t leaving, I really love Thailand and wish I had more time to explore Chiang Mai, Rai and Pai… I can see why sooo many expats choose to live here. After seeing Laos¬† / Cambodia maybe I will love it here even more. It truly has everything I need / want at a price I love and some of the friendliest and happiest people I’ve ever met.

Chiang Mai is the second largest city but still only ~1/20th the size of the behemoth called Bangkok. Alright this is getting more informative and less witty aka perfect time to stop writing.

tips hat,


  1. FeAngel

    February 1, 2010 at 11:02 am

    I can’t count how many times I’d said, “Wow!” everytime I read/RE-read yr blogs. Having had lots of actual travelling in my younger years (also from my airline/travel consulting jobs), I understand your lack of interest in most touristy-sights because I (& my hubby) share your preference in being “immersed” with the locals wherever you are. We can hardly wait to spend some time in Thailand next winter, thanks to your stories! As always, stay safe & HAPPY!

  2. lindsay

    February 1, 2010 at 11:50 pm

    So great that you love Thailand so much. Hope the shot goes well. Look forward to hearing
    about Laos. take care– great job on keeping the blog going each day. Always enjoy reading
    your adventures.

  3. reg

    February 2, 2010 at 5:43 am

    sweet tooth

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