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Goodbye Leon, Hello Corn Islands!?


The time is 11PM and one must make haste to not waste the time left before an early departure. If someone told me I´d be headed to the Corn Islands with a random group of people from Spain and the USA, I´d of said you´re crazy but life is crazy and that is what makes it fun.

The Corn Islands are basically Big and Little Corn and roughly 70KM off the coast of Nicaragua in the Caribbean. They are very small so even Big Corn can still be walked in roughly 1.5 hours, the latest consensus was roughly 6200 people on Big Corn and 1200 or so on Little Corn. It´s a diving mecca and straight up relaxation station, it looks incredible. Seems like the type of place one can meditate with spider monkeys and change whole perspective on things; Hansel style…

Most take a flight for roughly $170 RT from Managua. One of the ladies from Ibiza met this other Spanish lady who said that twice a week there is a cargo freighter that leaves from Bluefields… As a result we´re going to bus to Bluefields and catch a cargo ship? Huh!? Quite comfortable here but when opportunity for a unique adventure knocks, one MUST answer the door and greet such said guests in a most egregious manner.

While home, if someone told me this… What am I getting at? Life is like driving down a highway at night, you can´t see where you´re going but just know that the road won´t end and will unfold as needed. As a result, SHABL is off to the Corn Islands and of course,  we´ll give you an idea of what it´s all about.

Leon is great, still have a vision of renting a large colonial home with countless bedrooms filled with other web types but that will have to wait. As stated earlier, one must always answer the door to opportunity.

Have you been to the Corn Islands? If so, any feedback would be appreciated.

Besides snorkelling and maybe diving, plan on doing some big game fishing.

Tips hat,

P.S: Yes one will pack sunscreen as sun tanning is the new smoking….

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