Good Times in Granada, Nicaragua

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This is the end of my second night in Granada, Nicaragua and I’m here to tell you that it is good times. This is my third time here and it’s always been interesting to say the least. For starters it doesn’t matter what types of tours exist because the biggest tour on the scene is just checking out the scene. The buildings are inspiring and it’s crazy how those colonial buildings basically take up entire city blocks. You know your hood is rough when there are no windows and you basically wall in your entire property and leave a “yard” if you wanna call it that in the middle.

Besides that; there are horses everywhere and if you need to do some shopping you can find most anything here as well. It’s only ~45 minutes or so away from Managua and a completely different world. If you’re coming in from say Corn Islands or elsewhere and have an afternoon flight the next day; take a taxi to Granada for the evening. That or read this post on getting from Managua to Granada and vice versa, it’s cheaper.  I’m hanging out in a room with 231 foot ceilings big enough to house an entire family. It has nothing but a bed and a massive dresser I never opened and all for $15 a night… You simply can’t go wrong.

There is a spot called Sultans or something like that which sells a liter of Victoria for little over a dollar and Tona for slightly more; huh? Also the whole BBQ scene here is raging like the amber beneath the grill with delicious flavors filling your stomach and even more your nostrils. I had a quarter chicken today with coleslaw an option for some greasy carb which I declined for $3; insanity. I’ve been all over lately but it’s places like this which really inspire me to be more and get more when you see how far what you have already goes; if that makes sense to you…  Enough about my day, here are some interesting facts about Nicaragua to tell you more.

Also had an experience which I’m still processing and will share at a later date perhaps but for now let’s just leave it at this. If you’re coming through Nicaragua do stop in Granada even if only for a day or so. From what I’ve heard the nightlife isn’t so hot but the weather sure is. It’s also got some amazing churches and remember; the scene is checking out the scene and you can’t go wrong as quite a scene it is. Also, ~$5 haircuts and shaves aren’t so bad either…

Granada is not somewhere I’d want to base but always down to further check out the place.

Tomorrow I’m off to check on a friend before heading to Managua; I need to get to Miami sooner than later.

Nicaraguan tip of the hat,

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  1. I am going to Nicaragua for 3 months from july to September and was thinking about basing myself in Granada and doing trips from there but you suggest that it is not a good idea. What place would you recommend in Nicaragua to base yourself?

    1. My advice is to come down, visit a few places over a week or so and then base wherever you feel most at home; only way to play it really.

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