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Golfing at Anderson Links in Ottawa


Golfed at Anderson Links outside of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada today, it was alright despite losing a 9 iron. The course itself is decent but the lineup gave me anxiety. At one point I remarked “we are effectively paying to be in traffic”. Not a big fan of the booking policy, think they crowd em. That said, golf is a good time if you’re with friends / acquaintances, luckily was with 7, if not would have gone insane…

Forgot what it was like to play golf at a reasonably popular course on a weekend, insanity. The final hole had 4 groups on it, that is madness if you ask this gent. All joking aside though, Anderson Links is owned by the gent who owns Emerald Links and if you’re going to spend your $60 on either, might as well go to Emerald.

The cool thing about Ottawa is that it has something like 100 courses in the national capital region. How large that region eludes me now and probably always will but suffice to say lots of courses, lots of courses. The only thing that is weak about the whole equation is that they are snow shoeing or cross country skiing tracks during the winter and used for nothing during fall and spring, sigh.

Tell you something crazy, put $50 of gas in my car today after the game. While waiting for the pump to do it’s thing, couldn’t help but think of what that sum of cash could get me around the world. North America and particularly Canada is awesome, especially if you are raising a family. If you’re just at the “out and about” or “whats the rush” stage of your life, better gas mileage and cooler terrain, if you know what I’m saying…

It’s Saturday night in a few hours, something must be done.

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