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The Mail Run Flight From Campbell River, BC


Today we had the pleasure of joining a friendly pilot named Mike on Corilair’s Mail Run. The mail run takes you to several islands in the area that could at best be described as remote. Some of these places have populations as small as 20 while others have hotels and could be considered  playgrounds.  The scenery is stunning and I believe the video gives you a good glimpse…

We visited Refuge Cove on West Redonda Island,  Surge Narrows Wharf and Floats and Big Bay on Stuart Island.

I suggest you turn on some of your favorite driving music to accompany the video.

If you’re in the area, I highly recommend it and say hi to Mike for me.

Photo Credit: Brendan.

I’m here with the Explore BC Project, to learn more  visit the Tourism BC Facebook Page and look up #ExploreBC on Twitter.

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21 thoughts on “The Mail Run Flight From Campbell River, BC

  1. Very cool. I’d like to do this someday. I’m new to this site, do you do any backpacking trips?

  2. Yes! Flying those small planes around southeast Alaska is just like that. Riding shotgun is the best. Something that everyone needs to do once in their lifetime. Keep on keepin’ on!

    1. Definitely something everyone should do, this trip reminded me of other such trips I’ve done in Africa, really fun & shotgun is always the way to go!

      Hope you’re well, good sir and thanks for stopping by and speaking up.

  3. Rob, great video! I’ve never been on a plane like that, but plan to some time in my life. I couldn’t even begin to imagine living somewhere, where the population is 20. I’m a people person and I require variety! 😀 However, I could definitely visit. Again… love the water!

    1. Yes it was really cool, the plane was from 1958 but she ran like a champ. Not sure I could do something that small either full time but love visiting places like that.

      Take a float plane sometime, it’s a blast.

  4. wow, so cool and only 20 people! Yes, not sure if I could accomplish full time habitat but it looks amazing to visit, especially when you can fly in and out!

    1. I’m a big fan of small remote areas but even then, a bit of change is necessary. I’d assume many of the residents also venture elsewhere but who knows!? Either way, it’s the smallest town I’ve ever visited and glad I got the opportunity.

  5. Can’t believe how green and lush it is up there. I bet the air smells good too. Looks awesome man.

  6. Nice Video. Glad to see the GoPro is back. I know that’s old news by now, but just watched the Tofino video before this post. Now do you do any editing with software or are you starting and stopping the camera?

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