Flight to Mauritius & Settling into Heritage Le Telfair Resort

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I’m writing this from Heritage Le Telfair in one of the slickest suites I’ve ever had the pleasure of hanging my suit jacket in. It’s built for a king, a sultan or a lucky vacationer who is in for a treat. I’m on the edge of the Indian Ocean only steps from the sea with a mental feeling that could best be described as free. I’ve just arrived in Mauritius after leaving London on a night flight that worked out just right with Air Mauritius… I’ll note something about this airline before we go any further; if you’re a golfer you can bring your clubs free of charge which I think is pretty cool.

The flight took all night without a problem in sight. I will note that besides a crying baby, the trip was without a hiccup. We landed early in the morning and in no time it was on the road the the resort. Before I go on let me explain to you just how far out we are in the deep blue sea. Past the reef that protects most of the island, it’s nothing but endless ocean. Despite being in a resort with everything I could ever need and more, it’s a real serene feeling of being away from the everyday.

It turns out that French is the main language people speak here from what I’ve been told besides creole but English is the official language. The majority and especially hotel staff speak English as well but if you know French, don’t be shy to throw it out there as you’ll be greeted with a smile and the conversation will flow easily from there. One we arrived we had some complimentary drinks and I did what I always do which is explore the facilities with great vigor and zeal. It’s a beautiful spot and it was being enjoyed by what looked like vacationers from around the world.


This place has a real old school feel to it and is set right on the ocean. It also has a massive pool which is sort of like a centerpiece. It’s attached an 18 hole championship golf course which I’ll be playing tomorrow. Heritage Le Telfair also has C Beach Club which is where I’ll be spending most of my free time. We went for lunch and it’s a great spot to relax and watch kite-surfers or just slowly sip a drink by the sea. If you’re eating there, highly recommend the garlic shrimp… I ordered catch of the day which was nice but the garlic shrimp looked next level which my friend confirmed.


Beside that they also have a really nice spa and a hydrotherapy pool which is complimentary to all guests so naturally, I’ve already hit that up followed by a steam to get myself settled on island time. Now I’m getting ready for dinner after a most informative sunset briefing of sorts for the week to come. This is a somewhat new part of the world for me and I’m over the moon after just flying past it to be here. Tomorrow the trip really starts rolling and it’s time to take a swing at the first of several championship golf courses I’ll be experiencing.


In closing, this #MyMauritius blog trip was created and managed by the fine people at iambassador and AHRIM in association with the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority and Air Mauritius. I’d like to thank them for the invitation to partake in this campaign; I’m thrilled to be on the island.

Tips hat,

P.S: Happy Birthday Mom! Love you and hope you’re having an amazing day…

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10 thoughts on “Flight to Mauritius & Settling into Heritage Le Telfair Resort

  1. Just met you at the golf club, staying in room 1208 … It’s actual paradise here and so far from all the tourist hot spots re: Grand Baie

    See you around!

    1. It was great meeting you and your wife. Turns out we were neighbours as I was in 1206! I hope you two have a great day trip today and fit in another few rounds of golf.

      Also crazy that you know Jay as well, small world!

      Safe travels and keep in touch, good sir.

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