My first thoughts on Rome, Italy are… WOW!?

What a place? I mean, I’ve never seen anything like this, ever. It’s just stunning and everywhere you go it’s something else. Flew from a cloudy and cold Athens, Greece into a beautiful day in Rome, Italy. This is an updated post, was there recently again and put together a position things to see in Rome, check it out!

Got a good room, paid 25E and ended up with a private double, a large one and it’s only a few blocks from Termini Station. This is rare though, most “dorms” are like 20-30E. After checking in went for a stroll to the world’s smallest country “Vatican City”. The line to get in was gargantuan so I did what any reasonable gent would do…

I went to about 20 people from the front and said “Hey, I’m solo, can I just come in with”, it was a group of ladies. They were like “ok, sure” then out of nowhere this lady who we will call moral mother hen was like “No way, everyone has to wait, blah, blah”. That shattered my dreams….

There is a castle near by so checked that out, also this bridge where “supposedly” some dude who may or may not have been a king saw “God” on. The bridge was cool, didn’t feel overly spiritual though.

Later went for a stroll the Spanish Steps, if you’re in town with friends, a partner, or anyone and you’re not old and boring, go there with some liquor and have some drinks, the steps are packed, it reminded me of a classy Roman version of “Gora Steps” in Bali.

Afterwards, got lost, really lost and since I was wearing new shoes with no socks as I was too lazy to go back into my bag, my feet are covered in numerous blisters, great. Back to lost, not sure how I made it back but the trail I took home was about 3X as long.

Did run into some monuments and sights that I’d of never seen otherwise so it was great. I’ve eaten about 6 random slices of pizza, my beloved mother arrives tomorrow, her son being gone 20 full months was simply too much to bear so she decided to come kick it for 10 days, pretty cool, yes?

You’ll spend money here, if you’re broke or on a budget don’t bother. Everything is priced to “everyone in the world wants to come here”. That said, just ignore the prices and enjoy yourself, it’s Rome, eat it up.

Oh yeah, I always said I’d never come here unless it was with a lady, glad I didn’t come earlier but also sad. The reality is that every woman I’ve ever met on this planet or another wants to come here. There are sooooo many women in this city that it’s nuts. I mean everywhere you go, it’s just packs of women, 20 something women or beautiful local ladies.

I’ve never seen more attractive women in my entire life, anywhere.

Do what you will with this information.

I may need to rent an apartment, somewhere in Italy.

It’s late, I must retire to look fresh and sprightly for the parental unit.

Tips hat,

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