Feeling Fresh in Finland


A cool nordic breeze crashes across the lake, it is a Finnish summer but feels like a Canadian fall. My friends are warm but I am cold. The freak heat wave is over, it is back to reality, back to being normal. There is nothing formal about my attire or my desires. It was a beautiful day, I dare say but I didnt see much of it from dream land.

For the second time in 11 months I have felt at home. Instead of enjoying the summer day, on a king size bed I did lay. I slept and kept the relaxation level at 1000%. When you live on the road and have no home, nothing is constant but the unknown. When you are with great friends at a summer home, you feel at home despite being in a country you never thought you would visit, on the other side of the world that ironically has nature that resembles your old stomping grounds. I could be at a cottage in Canada except the television is in a different language. Luckily my friends speak perfect English as my Finnish is far from perfection, to say the least.

Let us forget about the flora (not sure about this word) and fauna, this summer house get away has been all about the sauna. If you own a cottage or a summer home, you are lucky. If you have one without a sauna you are clinically insane and the whole place in my opinion is inane. Who wants board games, a sauna is a game that never gets old. You go from hot to cold, hot to cold, hot to cold in a repetitive cycle that never gets old, never gets boring and itäs fun so please gentlemen, no snoring. On that note, if you do snore, please take the time to do the chore, get on your side and enjoy the sleep more.

Finland is a wonderful place, it feels like Canada. They said this part of the world is expensive and they are right. You need to take care of your wallet and watch it tight, if not in the middle of the night, with all its might your coin will be taken for things that cost less almost anywhere in the world.

This world is whacky, this world is strange, the more social programs a country has the more everyone pays. In Indonesia some would feel like a spend thrift paying €1.75 for a massive meal, a delicious cordon bleu, cooked to perfection and made on the spot, especially for you. 1.5 hours outside of Helsinki, on a lake as large as Louisianna there is a shop. Whatever you buy from the simplest groceries, much bread you will drop. Not the place for a traveler to rock the spot unless you are coming to visit friends.

Last night some ladies accompanied us to the summer home, it was good to see them. They are friends of my friends and my friends that I met in Kuta, Bali. I miss that place. I love and loathe it all at once, same could be said for many things in many peoples lives. We often like to hate what we love and love what we hate. They are the polar emotion and in that is their similarity. In a life full of fog it is often difficult to find clarity.

A plan is hatching as life is catching opportunities and taking them, not thinking how things should be and trying to will them into existence. I am far north and must go forth to Sweden, Norway, Denmark AND MORE. From there nobody knows but the Baltics seem best. The gents from outside Helsinki recommend it and are willing to come. Time is not pressed but I am stressed about September. I love my mother, I miss her too, its a special day for her and I would love to be there. My heart is there but the logistics are not.

Should one return to Canada, there is 3 dates in 1 month which seem amazing. Beginning of the month in Toronto, then Vancouver and finally home. The thought is there but the logistics simply are not. I slept for 15 hours last night and spent the rest of the time lying places or soaking up steam in a sauna while eating delicious food and laughing like a lunatic fresh from the loony bin looking at the latest lunar landing. Once one stops, it is over. Breaks are for the weak and they most certainly terminate a streak. It is inefficient and dangerous to a mission like a pipeline with a gas leak.

The simple things in life are what it is all about. Having a king sized bed, in my own room in a wonderful setting and surrounded by friends has been better than anything I could think of right now. You dont realize how long you have been on the road or how long it has been since you have had a good sleep until you find it again and you feel it, you remember what it is like but you thought you had forgot, in fact you dont think you have forgot it just doesnt cross your consciousness.

Indonesia, Vietnam or China… Where will it be. I need new clothing and have designs for shorts I have tested the prototypes of for the last few months, found some flaws but in general am thrilled with the product. I would not feel as safe as I do without them. Designs for tshirts are being drawn, some are ready some are not. In each country there is cultural and language barriers. Canada is simply priced too high with social programs for people that arent thankful and we wonder why the money flows elsewhere, it is elementary, dear Watson. Indonesia seems like a logical choice as I have a friend there, who speaks the language and is willing to help. The plan was hatched in January but it wasnt time, things that happen fast do not last, you need a quality well thought plan to hit critical mass.

I feel like I have had a visit from Santa, I forgot how much I love fanta, now all I need is a room at the Blue Adamann on Koh Lanta. If you own a cottage or a summer home, I urge you to get a sauna. If you have kids they will get bored and a sauna is better than any and all board games.

This update is done, it is late and that bed is calling me non stop like a psycho ex girlfriend who realizes she knows what she wants but it is too late. Only the weak go back though, life is not your rearview but the road ahead which leads to endless opportunity.

The reality cuts like a knife, I need to travel this world and start a clothing company for travelers or forever live with regret and forever feel like I have lived a boring life. Making websites is ok but I would rather by yours when you need cash, it is similar to accounting or auditing, painfully boring.

Now I will sink my chops into a fresh peach while I play the Gorillaz feat Snoop Dog Plastic Beach.

Formal Tip of the Hat,

P.S I told you POT would drop,


  1. wilz

    August 11, 2010 at 9:58 am

    obviously you’ve never played “Go”… Sauna’s are pretty sick though!


  2. Rob

    August 12, 2010 at 6:41 am

    It is all over the papers here, quite intense.

    Saunas also act as industrial strength dehydration stations.

  3. Jason

    August 12, 2010 at 4:23 pm

    The anthem to your adventure perhaps? 🙂

  4. Rob

    August 17, 2010 at 1:33 am

    Will check it once outside of Finland it is being vanilla with copyright of such songs.

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