Farewell Finland, Sup Sweden?

Miten Meenee!?!?,

Practice really does make perfect. I haven’t written all week and sitting here, there is not even a small rodent pushing a treadmill, nothing, blank. Not even a small monkey eating ticks from another monkey, nothing, a void of smoke and dreams. Suffice to say, Finland has been a blast. Basically, I just went home to a cottage for a week and now am fresh, like week old bread from the dumpster of a dive restaurant you show up to hung over on the weekends.

Leaving Finland today via Helsinki on a night cruise ferry to Stockholm, Sweden it takes ~ 1 evening, child’s play. That being said, rest does not make you stronger, it makes you weak. After the creature comforts of being at someone’s place for a week, all the realities of the road suddenly seem like a drag. Momentum is always difficult to get going, right now I am at a standstill but need to push that boulder one more time to start another roll and continue this global stroll.

Stockholm should be fun, despite from what I have heard, it is a city of snobs who think Stockholm is the best. Wow, how original, go to Toronto and you’ll have a few hundred half baked Canadians telling you Toronto is the center of the universe!?!!? Also when sh!t gets snobby, I can get egregious, even when my current physical representation would best be classified as “homeless, vagrant, drifter or cast away”.

Supposedly the ship to Sweden is called the “Booze Cruise” and it has bars, night clubs, the works on it. Great, just what I needed when a good night’s sleep was in order, but when is it ever in order? Ever notice how if you’re pumped for something sleep is a non issue, but when you are not, your bed feels so good? Notice how it feels on a Monday morning compared to a Saturday morning? Saturday you just jump out, Monday, you need to be seperated via some intense surgical procedure or something of that nature, whatever.

Half way through the week, we changed cottages and went to another friends who lives near Mikkeli, there was a music festival. Luckily for SHABL one of the gents used to work the circuit and in the blink of an eye we had back stage tickets, indeed. I will note if you have one of those badges, do not wear it into the mosh pit, it will be lost. I got separated from my crew and found myself in the middle of the moshing mix. I pushed so many people, so hard, “firm but fair” and I got thrown around as well. Went to another circle later and first shot someone hit me under the ribs, winded instantly. Enough of that.

The bands were cool, not that I had any clue what anyone was saying. Lots of long hairs in Finland well at this music festival 2.5 hours from Helsinki but not the long haired hippy, the long haired metal head, there is a big difference. Same, same but different, if you will. Also noticed that on their kebab plates, they put tomato paste, it’s amazing. It’s no home made garlic sauce but it kills the bs tartar sauce being pushed by less than classy vendors around this globe.

Suffice to say, if you are from Europe and you want an idea of what Canada is like in the summer, just come to Finland and save yourself the $$$. If you are h3ll bent on coming, just fly directly into Vancouver Airport, take the sky train to the downtown core and figure it out. I have never stayed in a hostel in Canada, but the 1st one I ever walked into was in Vancouver and it gave me the creeps and a case of swine flu, mother#$!$.

Europe is fun but I still find myself wandering why I am not laying somewhere in Asia, near a beach with a few women who have swimsuits most others would glare and judge doing nothing but making more than you are spending. That being said, you can’t see the world without seeing the world, whatever. Seriously though, if you have not done a big trip, go to Asia to start, you’re welcome in advance. I want to start visiting countries I didn’t know existed, more on this later.

When it comes to drinks, pastilles, jalovina and “original” are all strictly Finnish and MUST BE SAMPLED. The “originals” are basically a gin / grapefruit mixed drink, kinda like a vodka breezer only acceptable to drink, unlike a breezer. Jalovina will rip your head clean off and the pastilles can only be summed up as “Finnish motor oil”, “Fasten your seatbelts style”.

Random things I have noticed include but not are not limited to: The sauna is a pleasurable dehydration station, use it accordingly. Many people have wood stoves where they grill on top, it’s awesome. The overall vibe here is neutral to positive. I mean by that is when I walk by strangers or wait in line, it’s usually positive or neutral, haven’t gotten any “screw you, I hope you die vibes” which are common in many places.

Total side note, where does time go?

~Removes eye piece, pulls pipe from mouth

I do say, good sir, sh!t has gotten egregious!

~Puts pipe back where it belongs, ~puff~.

P.S: Mr. Blue, I salute you.

P.P.S: Kiitos for the good times, Finland

P.P.P.S: Today marks 11 full months on this trip, indeed.

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  1. Jeremy

    August 16, 2010 at 7:03 am

    The overall vibe here is neutral to positive.

    In your travels thus far, which place has had the “best” vibe?

  2. Rob

    August 16, 2010 at 8:09 am

    Really, really hard to say but places I really felt at home include Koh Tao, Lagos, San Sebastian, Victoria to name a few and many elude me.

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