Experience Central Florida’s Wild Side


You have always loved animals, and so have your kids.  Collectively, your family possesses season passes to your cities’ zoo, you relish every opportunity to get out into the wilderness at national parks across the country, and when you run across something as innocuous as a raccoon or a ground squirrel, you watch and track their every move instead of ignoring their presence as many urban dwellers tend to do.

When you went to plan this summer’s vacation down in sunny Florida, you certainly kept this in mind, as you pre-booked some Discovery Cove family tickets, but you’re also curious to find out about other options to get out and discover the wild side of Central Florida’s landscape.

To help you in this endeavour, we have come up with a selection of attractions that will allow you to discover the animals that inhabit the subtropical habitats that can be found in the vicinity of Orlando.

Lake Louisa State Park

If you’re really looking to get back to nature during your time in Central Florida, spending a few nights in Lake Louisa State Park is an excellent place to connect with the wilderness of this region. Aside from the lake that this park is named for, there are three other lakes where one can cast a line, there are multiple trails for those wishing to take a horse into the country, and if you wish to stay the night, there are plentiful campsites where families can enjoy an overnight stay, where the crickets and frogs will lull you into a peaceful slumber.  Within the borders of this park, alligators, bobcats, whitetail deer, and rabbits can be sighted, so keep your eyes peeled during your time here.

Wild Florida’s Wildlife Park

If you’re looking to get out onto an authentic Florida swamp, the airboat tours available at Wild Florida’s Wildlife Park will get you into the realm of the alligators without putting your limbs at risk.  When you have finished with your exhilarating time on the water, a live alligator show will teach you more about these misunderstood creatures, and if you want to see more exotic species, you can view them in special habitats designed for animals such as zebras, emus and water buffaloes.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

If you’re seeking a well established and squeaky clean experience, then experiencing nature at Disney’s Animal Kingdom will likely be your best bet. Being one of the largest zoological parks in the world, Animal Kingdom contains 1,700 animals spanning over 250 species, but despite its large capacity, this park is well-regarded by many authorities in its efforts towards animal conservation. Most attractions also have an education component built in, allowing your children to learn about the issues surrounding animals that they are viewing.

The Wilds of Central Florida Await Your Presence

While many families will find more than enough amusement in the standard theme parks present in the Orlando area, you and your family derive enjoyment from spending time in nature wherever you go.  As such, we hope that the above destinations will allow you to connect with the natural environments and animals of Central Florida, which will make your vacation here more in line with your interests.   

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