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An Epic Hotel Booking in London, England



I’m writing this from North Wales and very excited to tell you about my epic hotel booking that is going to take place next week in the heart of London, England. The fine people at asked me what my idea of an absolutely epic accommodation was so I told them a few choices and they picked a great one if you ask this gent. I told them I was interested in staying on a yacht moored in London, visiting the Celtic Manor in Wales or staying at Hotel Cafe Royal in the heart of London…


I chose the yacht because yachts are always epic especially returning to one in downtown London after enjoying the circus that is Piccadilly or being anything but square in Leicester. I chose the Celtic Manor in South Wales because it’s owned by Terry Matthews who is a hero of mine that gave me my first job and situated on an incredible estate including a world class spa and several world class golf courses; also epic. That said, another choice of mine was Hotel Cafe Royal right in the core of London because well, I can’t think of a more refined and luxurious way to pass time in London really, can you?


I sent in my selections and The Booking Truth came back with an email that made me smile; they booked me into Hotel Cafe Royal right near Piccadilly Circus in the heart of London for three nights. This isn’t just your average hotel, it’s the best of the best if you ask me and I know as I really dug deep into the search results on before sending in my selections. The location is top shelf, every amenity under the sun is at your disposal including your own personal butler. Forget all that though, we’re talking real estate here and it’s all location, location, location… I can have an incredible night out in London and retire around the corner…


What makes an accommodation epic in my mind? Well it has to be something that you’ll remember forever and when people talk about hotels you’ll always want to mention this one particular stay. I’ve got lots of ideas for these three nights but that’s a secret for now because honestly, my plans change all the time and if I’m in the heart of London aka one of the most interesting cities in the world anything can happen… People make plans when they don’t have lots of options and seriously, all I have now is options so I’m keeping my options open; yes?


I’m joined on this campaign with three other good friends of mine from the blogosphere who I’m sure you already know… The other bloggers are Keith from Velvet Escape, Melvin from Travel Dudes and Kate from Adventurous Kate. We’re all going to different places and at different times and in different countries. Keith in Spain, Melvin is booking in Germany, Kate in the USA and of course yours truly is in Great Britain.


For more information on my trip as well as the hotels and experiences of my colleagues, tune into the hashtag #BookingEpic. We’ll be updating on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and of course my current favorite, Instagram. Keith is currently in Sevilla, Spain and if you tune into the #BookingEpic hashtag now, you’ll already see what this campaign is all about. Huge thanks to for hosting this campaign and my friends at iambassador for managing it. Stay tuned for some epic experiences…

Tips hat and waves cane,

P.S: All photos from Hotel Cafe Royal.

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