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England is Depressing, Singapore is Sweaty & Travel Plans


I’m writing this while staring at a bottle of prozac which is talking to me all sorts of crazy. There isn’t really any prozac in front of me but I could use some as I arrived in England this morning to a cold rain and wow, this place is dreary, damp and depressing. My good friend “The Goat” met me at a subway station at 7:30am and said it’s been like this for weeks. Singapore may be sweaty but sweat is like garlic, if everyone is doing it who cares?!

Enough complaining because luckily this isn’t a long term life situation but only a short stay on a world wide mission of sorts. I could have lived in Singapore forever to be honest and it was scary. Settling down is settling in my book and I have so much more to see and do, yes? Anyways I was sitting there realizing it was time to leave as a friend was planning a #puravida mission. It fell through and I flipped a coin between Philippines and Argentina, Argentina won…

Oddly, as I was talking to a friend about booking flights back to London en route to Buenos Aires, I got an email from Dominican Republic Tourism who I met a travel conference in Toronto. They are having a “Mancation” of sorts which is basically this trip designed for dudes who wanna forget about everything and just go full on “bro style” on the beach. As a result, they figured SHABL is a perfect crew member for a trip involving golf, surfing, kitesurfing, drinking rum and hitting up a casino.

As we have it I’m off to Dominican Republic via Miami on Thursday and I’m freezing, literally, outside London until then. No wonder I was run down when I hit up Singapore. The UK is cold, over priced and if you want a meal for under $15 it will be thrice fried and made of unhealthy ingredients to start with. Not to mention you’ll have to look for quality food; I like to eat well but I’m lazy in my search. Good food around the corner at rock bottom prices is a must for this gent. While we’re at it, why not a little bit of sun and a civil temperature too?

Once that is done I’m flying again via Miami to Buenos Aires, Argentina. There are few places on this planet I really want to see but Bangkok and Buenos Aires are two places that have always come to mind. I have no idea what to expect but if it’s anything like Bangkok aka over delivering on my timid fantasy, we’re all in for a treat. I’m going to either hit the road immediately or kick it for a month and rent an apartment. I could use a rest but find resting in cities where I have no network is pointless, I mean I’m not a loner…

Ultimately the plan is to work my way north until I get back to Nicaragua. There I will finalize the plans for place on Little Corn Island. I do love traveling but I also am starting to realize I want a home base. Right now this base is just some miniscule rock in a massive ocean but when flights get served from Miami to Big Corn, it will be right in the mix. I’ve never been to Miami but mention it often in this email; I think I should visit sometime?!

Anyways, that’s it for today. Expect lots more updates coming in time. When I crash somewhere I will hopefully fill you in on way more about Singapore. I was really busy there with lots of things including my personal life and writing the blog went deep on the backburner that didn’t work. That said, I hate neglecting this blog and feel horrible about it, HORRIBLE! Sorta. Also, it feels great to be discovering NEW areas and working towards a plan.

That feeling of strolling down a street you’ve never seen and will never return to is priceless.

Glad to be back on the road and again and so glad to be avoiding winters…

Tips hat,

4 thoughts on “England is Depressing, Singapore is Sweaty & Travel Plans

  1. Hey there, You should put SHABL in good use and go to Philippines. I think they could use a dose of your uplifting energy. But glad to see I am not the only one stuck in this cold damp crappie weather. Keep on keeping on. Safe travels.

    1. I’d probably get in the way, just remember how useful I was when it came to the important task of roofing at our good friend’s house… That said, yes this weather is miserable and good to hear from you, kind sir.

  2. Ambitious plans my friend! Philippines is awesome, but not the best time to visit after getting blown to hell by the mega typhoon … next time you’re Asia, check the place out though, it’s pretty rad!

    1. Ambitious indeed and the only way to really live, I do believe.

      I have heard nothing but good things about Philippines and even have a friend in Manilla that I have been meaning to visit for ages. That said they require you book an exit flight which is something I loathe doing and that’s a major reason I haven’t been yet. One of these days, one of these days…

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