Eating Chess for Lunch

Chess is no longer a dominion dominated by dweebs and dorks, it’s what’s for lunch. Simply too hot to do much else and scorching ones skin is the most popular alternative.

Chess and even more so checkers are popular around the world. If you play can usually find random games in random cities being played by most certainly random people.

It’s Saturday so doing anything other than seeing what’s up and going out for dinner is simply unsatisfactory. Friday had a spark here, curious what Saturday can come up with!?

Travelling on a Sunday is unsettling, looking to move on Monday in a perfect world, not sure where. Could see days turning to months and homeless beards being born while the bacteria in such said beard burrows and breeds in unbathed filth. Maybe not QUITE like that.

Off to see if that lady changed her menu and is having a special Saturday Summer Special or something similar and satisfying. A home made seafood mac and chess would be sweet, extra chess please.

Author: SHABL

Rob has been traveling the world and living abroad for over a decade. The goal was to stop having a boring life and it turned into something far greater. He's worked with national tourism boards and been mentioned in National Geographic. These days he lives abroad and loves business, technology, the tropical lifestyle, good food and travel.

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