Drinking Coffee in Vientiane, Laos

Top of the morning,

<Downs expresso with a great vigor and zeal and slams the tiny cup on a hand crafted hardwood coffee table.> I woke up yesterday after what was a total bender of a tubing experience and decided to bounce. I sweat buckets (literally) on a bus for 6 hours and at one point hit a bump, my knee dug into this nail on the seat in front. Get this, it hit right bullseye on my old staph infection, wtf!?

Took the local bus from Vang Vieng to Vientiane for a mere 30,000 kip, it took a while and was really hot but whatever. I’m over VIP buses, minibuses etc. You meet lame people. Met some guys who have worked in Vang Vieng for 1-2 years, they look tired but happy with themselves.

I’m in Vientiane, the capital of Laos drinking coffee and chilling. This place is cool. Had dinner on the Mekong last night and watched a sunset. Had a great meal, met a girl from France and she joined me with this photo journalist. In front of us was an awkward German and a lady boy who was a wrestler in a previous life, to my left? Some dude who graduated from the same SMALL University in rural Quebec as myself hahaha. It’s a small world, he graduated in 1973, myself? Class of 2003.

Getting injections in Vientiane is no problemo… They got mad luxury rides here and business men banking coin. You think they get crap care? No way. Over heard a business man saying he lived here 9 years, I went over to the table and said “pardon the interuption but…” he filled me in. Checking out the Australian Consulate as they help Canadians as well. It’s really $$$ but you know what you’re getting, also this way I can cruise south into Cambodia, then Vietnam just keep going, keep on trucking like my boy CMI.

Last night, I ran into a whole new crew, like I do every day. Some guy on my facebook was like “yo Rob, are you bored traveling alone yet?”. Hmmm NO!? Traveling alone is the ultimate sense of adventure, unknown and excitement if you have the guts and funds to make it work. Remember, no drama, it’s your trip, you meet a crew and get along? That’s all you need to worry about. Being gregarious and slightly nefarious at times is a great combo.

Anyways, I’m going to hang out here today, might even go back to Vang Vieng. When I got to Ventiane I was like … I feel like smashing a mirror on my face then carving WEAK into my chest before sterilizing it with a half used urinal cake for leaving soo soon. I wanted to make sure I could get the injection here and if I couldn’t, I’d have to leave like today or tomorrow to Bangkok. Give yourself some time in Veng Vieng, it’s a special place for anyone who is cool and under 30. Over 30, sure just I hope you look young as you’ll be old man on the river, ha.

Alas, who knows but I miss tubing, I’d love to be watching family guy, eating a huge breakfast then just meet mad randoms and chill in a river drinking cheap whiskey, indeed. On a side note, I woke up early after going to bed late. Chilling with some new friends from New York and we hear this crazy local music BLASTING like BOOM BOOM BOUNCE… BOOM BOOM BOUNCE…

We decided to rock the spot or something like that, it’s this family doing karaoke and blaring it into the street so we join them and their feast doing shots of whisky before jumping in a tuk tuk to some discoteque, the discoteque sucked and that was pretty much the rest of the evening. The stuff the drivers off you here is hilarious, you’re like wow bro, no holding back just going for the home run are we? I came to chase some drinks, not the dragon thanks.

Alright, I’ve written enough timely and arguably relevant crap for this day.

Tips hat,

P.S: I want to buy some suits and tuxedos very soon, maybe Vietnam?

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