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Dirtiest Man in Koh Lanta

elephant on koh lanta

Slept a ridiculous 15 hours last night, 7pm-10am and am “fully recharged”. Rented a motor bike and met up with some Canadian friends at the pier as none of us knew where we lived.

Drove around the entire island today and stopped off at the “Caves” in the national park. For 200 baht we had a tour guide bring us through some pretty awesome caves. Also saw my first elephant and monkey’s in the wild. It’s a treacherous 30 minute hike through dense jungle to the caves, then the caves themselves are intense. Not somewhere you’d want to get injured, somewhere you’d want to visit though.

caves on koh lanta

Watch out for goats, my friend was driving and a goat ran into his scooter which resulted in a bail. Luckily both parties left “unscathed” so to speak.

Koh Lanta is beyond “chill”, I wish I found it earlier in my travels.

This will be brief as I have things to do, including but not limited to : Massage, Dinner, Hanging out, having a shower, swimming in the pool. Life is tough, seriously.

My friends (Canadians, Germans and Danes) are all about 1 mile down the road so I’m off to go visit now, they are staying slightly cheaper but with no aircon, I’m kinda liking it here, just isn’t so hot considering I have to drive to get anywhere, especially to hang out.

caves on koh lanta

That said, my business stopped sending sales but I figured “C’est la vie”, then I got an email saying “Your categories aren’t working”. That makes sense… Sent an email and most likely need to go to Krabi soon to “get to the bottom of this”. If there is one thing I hate, it’s “Losing money I’m entitled to”.

There was also this awesome viewpoint, I had the best shrimp cocktail of my trip there, totally delicious and the cheapest I’ve found yet on my travels. It pays to get off the beaten path.

On that note, I’m off to eat some creature from the sea and hang out by the beach.

Do I regret leaving my job? No. It’s funny how often people would ask me to go out in my “previous life” and I’d say not really, I’ve kinda “lost my joie de vivre”, that is no longer the case.

caves on koh lanta

If you have time to kill, check out Koh Lanta and check out the caves. Ok Ok, don’t need to see the caves but they were awesome, just come visit Koh Lanta, it’s truly the most relaxed place I’ve ever been, not to mention beautiful.

I’m the dirtiest man on the island because my knees are shot, we had to crawl through this tiny hole, we asked how obese people get through and the guide said “coconut oil” I would not want to be wedged in there. Long story short I had to drag myself on my stomach, I’m filthy and off to have a shower. I’m so filthy that at the local market everyone was pointing at me and asking what happened, I mean just totally and completely covered in mud.

Good day,

P.S A tour around the island takes ~2 hours if you go for it all, you run out of road and spend a lot of time on a dirt road to get to the end of one of the parts, then it’s just jungle, after that you need to backtrack to get to the main road.

view point on koh lanta

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