Digital Fashion Week & After-Party at Pangaea in Singapore


I’m still in Singapore and will most likely be for another week or so before heading back to London. Today we’re going to discuss Digital Fashion Week and a most amusing after-party at Pangaea that took place on Friday night. I was invited to attend the show as a guest once more and naturally said sure. I’m not a huge fashionista by any means but do find the shows worthwhile for a few reasons. After that a group of us made our way to Pangaea which is always a good time, let me go into further details about both now…


Digital Fashion Week is going on all week but I only attended the opening night festivities which is where most of the buzz was. As it happens Naomi Campbell was walking the show and that caused quite a stir. As I said before, I’m not really into the scene whatsoever but it was cool seeing her in person, albeit briefly. The show was held at the National Design Centre and it was quite the eclectic crowd as one could imagine. As per usual, I found my niche which was hanging by the bar discussing worldly matters with gents who also found themselves there for the same reason as myself or talking travel with interesting ladies.


After a few shows it was time to move on. Through the powers of this or that I came in contact with a very fun lady named Melody who does the PR for Pangaea which is a next-level nightclub in Marina Bay Sands. It’s a rather swanky place but at the same time it has that laid back vibe of a friend’s party where you can dance on the sofas and get as crazy as you want. It’s also got great music which mixed with a few drinks or a bottle of vodka sets fire to the dance floor, tables and sofas. This is the second time I’ve been there and each time has been solid; I’ll be back.


Something else that’s pretty sweet about Singapore is that it never really sleeps. I don’t care what time you leave a nightclub, there will be tones of spots open and some of my favorites never close. We went elsewhere but I’m a big fan of eating at Lavender anytime of the day. If you do go, hit up the chicken wings and thank me later. I’d also go as far as to say Singapore could be the safest city I’ve ever set foot in but more on that later…


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9 thoughts on “Digital Fashion Week & After-Party at Pangaea in Singapore

  1. Looks awesome broski. Cool it’s so safe; perhaps the blend of ultra-wealthy modern investors and Buddhism helps create some kind of enlightened metropolis?

    1. Could be but also there is no real poverty that I’ve seen causing people to do desperate things. Most if not all have a roof over their head and food is cheap. You can have dinner for $2-2000 I do believe.

      It’s also a small space that is quite controlled or so it appears.

      1. Excellent point. Burma has a large Buddhist population but is poor and violent. Have you decided which SE Asian country (or city-state) you think would best suite your needs as a cornerstone to operate (including business concerns) out of?

  2. p.s. This was the instavideo on Noami’s walk at Digital Fashion Week posted by Devyn, winner of The Face. She also was in Singapore for the event as was Heidi Klum who was here last week.

    Pretty cool all of you are on our little island at the same time. Hope you’re enjoying it.

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