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Catching a Chinook Salmon in the Kitimat River, BC


This is a video of yours truly pulling in a decent sized Chinook Salmon from the Kitimat River BC. This fish took about a minute to get in, the one I lost was a 15 minute battle before he won. The Chinook fights like no other fish I’ve ever had on the line. The photo from my last fishing update was a Chum and it fought 1/5th as hard as a Chinook.

Straight up, if you go nuts and catch a few fish, expect to use a weeks worth of energy. Why do I tell you this? I do so because the next day you’ll feel totally sapped of energy and wonder what’s going on with your life. Fear not as  it’s merely the low after the intense high of hooking one of these beasts and having the fight of your life surrounded by surreal scenery.

I have very few concrete plans in life, one of them is to fish the Kitimat River again and catch “the one that got away”…

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25 thoughts on “Catching a Chinook Salmon in the Kitimat River, BC

  1. there you go robby bobby !!!! that’s what im talking about… now go catch a grizzly !!!! or a cougar or a wolfe !!!! Now this is how to stop having a boring life !!!!!

    1. Haha, fishing looks great on that new video camera. Not so much into catching a grizzly but would like to catch a 65lbs+ chinook!

  2. That looks like great fun. And to think i lived in Nanaimo for a year and never once went fishing! Too easy to buy fresh fish and shrimp off the dock. I may have to try the fishing on my next visit. Really enjoying your adventures by the way. I have been to big Corn Island several times but never ventured to little Corn. I think you have persuaded me to give it a try.

    1. Definitely try the fishing and we all have stories of being close to something but never taking advantage, sigh.

      That said, glad you’ve enjoyed my coverage. I love writing this blog and like to hear from those who enjoy it.

      Come to Little Corn, MSG me first and if I am there we can have a few cold ones. Good barracuda / king fish fishing as well.

    1. You have to be careful what you wish for… All I wanted was to stop having a boring life and ya know what, dreams do come true! So glad to have that fish on video, I’ve spent years sitting by river banks trying to catch 2lbs bass!

  3. Most excellent fishing report, Rob! Isn’t it funny how the one that got away always leaves us wanting to come back? You enjoyed a beautiful weather day for your fishing adventure too. Makes it even better, sort of the proverbial icing on the cake. Wife and I are headed to Alaska in a month where we’ll be catching coho (silver) salmon. Last time we were up, we each caught a chinook over 30 pounds – hers was just under 40 pounds, fish of her life! And to circle back to your mention of fighting such a fish leaving a person physically drained…she enjoyed a nice massage at the lodge we were staying at the night after landing her big fish. Life is good.

    1. The “one that got away” is a vital part of any successful fishing trip I believe. I just loved it up and around Terrace, so peaceful, calm and the fishing was literally world class. You are right about the weather, it was the icing on the best cake I’ve ever eaten.

      Each caught a 30lbs fish? That’s unreal, even more so is you have a super cool wife who is down with the fishing plan, they say opposites attract but like stays together. Good call on the massage, it literally takes everything out of you.

      Hopefully I’ll have some big barracuda photos for ya this winter.

      Stay well, good sir.

      1. Now you’re just making me jealous in advance about fishing on LCI. Completely uncalled for, and would draw a yellow card at least in soccer.

          1. Trust me, should our travels lead us back to LCI, I will reach out to you in advance. A few Tonas, some fresh seafood, and a tour of the SHABL compound will be on the agenda.

  4. Keep 3rd wk July open next year. I’ll be back in Soldotna for the salmon run you don’t want to miss. Well even shiite you how to hook them in the face so you don’t have to throw them back 😉

    On this past trip, i made friends with a guy whose been hunting Grizzly for 9yrs so i picked up a now when i got home and have already started practicing. Should be in AK for 3-4 wks then, consider hooking up, no pun intended. 😉

    1. Not sure where I’ll be bout it does sound pretty amazing. I’m at a friends in Victoria right now and we’ve been feasting on salmon from his fishing trip in Haida Gwaii, it’s so good it’s incredible.

      It’s so good that I had this flash in my mind of refusing to eat salmon in restaurants similar to how I won’t touch lobster. Once you’ve had the goods for a long time, paying restaurant price for something that is poor in comparison makes no sense.

      If I’m around, we should definitely hook it up.

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