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Canadian Thanksgiving in Edinburgh, Scotland



Yesterday was Canadian Thanksgiving and I had the distinct pleasure of joining my friend Heather of Ginger Nomads and a cast of new friends for my favorite holiday in the heart of old town Edinburgh, Scotland. The two master chef’s were Heather and her friend Callie both from northern British Columbia; Prince George and Prince Rupert respectively. One could say it was a regal dinner of sorts with world class hospitality; it was their first time doing the monumental task of preparing the festive meal and they did a fantastic job; well done ladies!

Joining us were a cast of other characters from around the world and as one could assume, I eat egregious amounts of such said meal and even had the beloved “Turkey Dreams” which were pretty intense or so I was told as I was apparently talking to myself while I slept through most of the night; sorry ladies… I’ve been in Edinburgh two nights now and all I can say is that I absolutely love it here. It has to be one of the most picturesque old town’s I’ve ever seen. It ranks right up there with Stone Town, Zanzibar in Tanzania as one of the most interesting spots I’ve ever had the distinct pleasure of passing time in.

Today was solid as the cloud cover finally broke and it was sunny times and happy days. I did the whole run around snapping shots like a solider in search of the light. I also managed to get my first round of golf in Scotland under my belt at Duddingston Golf Club here in Edinburgh, Scotland. Edinburgh is the capital with a small town feel and it’s filled with great courses within a 10GBP taxi ride away; what more could a gent with my interests want or need? There is also a really solid feeling to the place which I just can’t get enough of…

All that said, lots to do beyond this blog right now so I’ll cut it short but do know this. If you’re coming to this part of the world; this is one of those cities not to be missed. I wish I had more time here but it looks like getting to Singapore may be a bit of a struggle based on flights so my days are seriously numbered here. That said, have a feeling I’ll be back as this city has already become my favorite place in the UK; without a doubt.

Thanks again for the terrific Thanksgiving dinner ladies; happy days!

Tips hat,

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