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An Afternoon at the Cabana Beach Club in Ponte Vedra, Florida


Good evening,

Before we begin, T.G.I.F to you and yours on this splendid summer day.

Today we’re going to discuss spending a Friday afternoon under the summer sun at the Cabana Beach Club in Ponte Vedra, Florida. This morning started early and it involved a master club fitting at the Taylormade Performance Lab but we’ll get into that later this week as my mind is still blown. Today was one of those classic days of summer where a pool or some large body of water was more than desirable to beat the heat. The beach was rather packed so apparently I’m not the only one who had that in mind…


I rolled down to the Cabana Club on the beach which is part of the Sawgrass Marriott Golf Resort & Spa at about 3PM and it was busy; what a difference from last night at about 7:45PM! It felt like family central and the heat was so thick you could almost taste it. People were going about their business but the core theme was just being by and/or in the water. They have a big pool which was packed and a smaller one nearby. Apart from that, most opted to just bathe on the beach while routinely shuffling into the sea.


I basically just lazed around and drank so many Arnold Palmers that I’m currently experiencing an identity crisis of sorts. In case you aren’t familiar, an Arnold Palmer is a classic mix of iced tea and lemonade named after the hall of fame golfer who shares the name. The resort had paddle boards and a few sailboats but it was far too ambitious for this gentleman who was still sore from banging out a few hundred balls. The beach was busy near the resort but if you walked a short distance away, it was be easy to find a spot for yourself.


It’s a Friday night and time to play a quick round on the putting green course before a quick meal at Alice and Pete’s Pub. The plan is to have an early night as tomorrow is going to be rather special; I’m taking a biplane over the area and exploring historic St. Augustine in the afternoon. I’m excited about both for different reasons and if there was a magic 8-ball in this villa it would say “all signs point to an early retirement this evening”.


In closing I’d like to thank the Taylormade Performance Lab, TPC Sawgrass & Sawgrass Marriott for their hospitality; appreciated!

Tips hat,

P.S: If you’re a shrimp lover, get deep into the peel & eat at Cabana Club; they’re delicious.

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