Budapest – Bouncing to Bangkok


A storm cloud has been stalking me since Stavanger, Norway. At times, on the train I would scream inane comments at it while other passengers looked at me as though I was insane, it was all in vain and nothing kept coming except the rain. Suffice to say, booked a flight from Budapest to Bangkok.

Las week, I was jetting around Europe as though it was my personal play ground thanks to the Eurail continuous pass. Now my big wheels has been taken away and I am stuck in the rainy cold part of the sandbox, unfair I cry.

Booked a ticket to Bangkok from Budapest via Cairo, Egypt for $455US, I reckon it is an alright deal. Leaves Friday at 4pm, should have booked it for Wednesday…

Ever notice you spend way more in countries on the dollar or euro? For some reason, regardless of currency conversions 1-10E does not feel like alot. Flip side is if someone asks you 690fl for a pack of smokes you stand back and heavily weigh the pros and cons of such a potentially egregious expenditure. Fyi 275fl is 1E and the Hungarian exchange rate. Not bad!? I bought a bun at a bakery today for 16fl, how much is that!?

I bought a camera today, it took amazing photos, the lens was wobbly. Reminded me of a piece of sh!t video camera purchased years ago from a pawn shop, felt like king kong with that thing, although it as well was a piece of garbage. Suffice to say they were not thrilled that I returned it.

Before returning it, everyone with a camera that walked by I would strike up a convo with about lenses and stuff like I was Joe photographer. Carrying around a nice camera puts you in a really dorky club, I liked it.

The weather is turning, unless you are working in Europe it is time to big dog bounce and pack everything you own down to the last ounce. Europe is not fun in the rain, depressing, I dare say.

Also the tourist population has basically flat lined, now it is just people going about their day in sub prime weather. Cool to see what it is like outside of summer before you get these plans of moving to your favorite destination…

Bangkok is a logical bet. I have grandiose visions of strolling down the streets tipping my hat at local people while eating obscene amounts of street food.

Another reason Bangkok it is, been there a few times so could focus on what needs to be done, kinda like home away from home only in Asia with lots of bright minds, tuk tuk drivers, great food, lots of randoms from around the world and warm weather.

The plan is to do some work for a month or so, upgrade this site, start some new stuff, chill out and plan next move. Packing 400GB+ of travel content. Lots of pictures and videos like eating cobra hearts or weird things.

Side note, none of the local foods talk to me either. For some reason only cheeseburgers have any appeal. Starting to take their toll and feeling kinda like Randy from the trailer park boys, well not really but best comparison, he is pretty $@#$@ whack.

Speaking of weird things, this has been weird enough.

Tips hat,

Search Du Jour?!: “How do I stop Going on Benders?” – Result, here.

Ask just served up the WRONG site…

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