Boring Bus from Koh Chang to Bangkok

Hello from Bangkok,

First off, today is 14 months on the road. Crazy times.

How are we? I could go on about a boring @$$ bus trip that was 11 hours but I won’t, ok just a little? First let me make this perfectly clear, you will run into VERY INTERESTING people on Thai Islands, got it? Good.

A nice German lady woke me up at 7:40 on her way to bikram yoga (I think) and I was at the bus stop by 8, the ferry didn’t come until 9:30, took it. The bus finally left at 12, we got in at ~6:30pm, very boring, very vanilla. Bus goes direct to Khao San, recommended over Mochit as you’d need to cab from there anyways.

Got a new pad, usually go to the same places all the time. Suffice to say this small lady made eye contact with me. I began to smile, she began to smile, we had a moment, ok? Anyways I’m staying there and it’s cheap, can’t go wrong. That said, hope my stuff is still there. On that topic, my 500gb backup is corrupted.

The story on Koh Chang was the same old song and dance. It’s a great song and even better dance so no complaints. It’s just mind bogglingly weird how if you are open to new friendships, they come your way. For starters was with my Finnish friends which is always a great time.

Met some Germans at Rasta bar, simple “hello”. Hours later ran into them at another place, joined them. They turned out to be in our guest houses. Through them met some other people and before long you’re walking around nodding your head. People are moving out now and that little “community” of huts will be same same but different, ever more.

The other night we hit up a beach party. Besides horrific music it was as though most men on this planet had died from the plague or had their feet firmly planted to the bamboo in front of the bar. The dance floor was like the united colors of Benetton.

Today, on the bus, none of that. This was one of the first bus trips / places you meet no one cool. Just these French girls who had horrible body odor and sat behind me, apart from that the highlight of the trip was when this English girl fell asleep on my shoulder, oh la la.

I’d love to be back on Koh Chang, leaving was really emotional (haha just kidding). The general public have no clue how fun that place is, well some of you do but… It’s just one of those places that makes you say “screw the rest of the world, this place is golden”.

Bangkok, how I love Bangkok, the intensity of this city makes people crumble and eat humble pie. Most hate it and just want some hippified island experience. I prefer both. Right now there are people head bobbin, weaving in and out of traffic, hawking goods. It’s awesome.

I fly to Colombo, Sri Lanka tomorrow.

Off to wander the streets of Khao San Road.

Tips hat,

Update: Just walked around Khao San, wow, done with that place. You see so many bright eyed tourists hypnotized by the lights and sounds. Been here too long, love Bangkok but this part of town just isn’t what it used to be. Heck, my boy Joe doesn’t even push Ping Pong shows on the corner anymore, what is this world coming to!?

Author: SHABL

Rob has been traveling the world and living abroad for over a decade. The goal was to stop having a boring life and it turned into something far greater. He's worked with national tourism boards and been mentioned in National Geographic. These days he lives abroad and loves business, technology, the tropical lifestyle, good food and travel.

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