Bored in a Deserted Hospital

deserted hospital in asia


We’ll mix this up, want to know something that *I* find pretty cool? On an average day here at “SHABL” a full 1/4 of all visitors are repeat visitors. Considering most social media sites bring total junk traffic and page views are irrelevant for a blog to some extent… The number of return visitors is arguably the #1 indicator of how a blog is doing, in that regard we’re healthy, much healthier than the author, indeed.

The staff from the hotel came in today and they brought gifts! I mean a metric tone of bananas and mango. I eat every mango they brought and a solid 1/5th of the bananas, I will surely pay for this. If you were a biker, I’d say you could “bet your bottom rocker” on it.

They want me to stay until Saturday, I have some questions to ask tomorrow. Also some stuff is stressing me out in a major way but not the type that has to do with my current health or what I’ll eat for dinner. I had some pasta, it sucked. I think it’s all the sitting alone in a white room, hmm yeah that is probably it. Oh I have company here! Too bad it’s some old dude from England and since we’re in separate rooms, we never talk. Sometimes, I kinda feel like I’m in the movie “The Stand” by Stephen King, I walk around my floor and it’s totally and completely deserted.

In other news, my tailor came today with prototype #3, considering #1 & #2 were not sale worthy whatsoever, I was very pleasantly surprised with #3, I was so indeed. I have them fixing a few things. Let’s just say I am starting to see a pair of cargo shorts that I’d pay to buy with features mined from the deep caverns of my somewhat cracked open cranium. I had some of my friends who visit regularly tell her that a) I was not dead b) I had not skipped on the bill and c) that I’d love her to come visit with the product.

Apart from that, I spent the majority of my day sitting in a chair on my balcony like an old retired guy who can’t walk just watching life march on by. I was envious of everyone, even people I’d normally subconsciously think “I’m glad I’m not them”. I see people walking, laughing, going to dinner, driving bikes… I also notice peoples faces and how no one else has 2 black eyes and scabs all over their forehead. I was totally there such a short time ago and took it for granted, now I’m here in this overpriced hospital with nurses who speak no English but have a penchant for injections.

Regrettably, I also spend too much time b3eating myself up, doing the whole “what if” game where I didn’t go biking to a friends, what would I be doing “if” I had done this or this or this… Thankfully it’s Master’s Weekend and I’m enjoying the coverage, thoroughly. On a side note, I wonder how many hours on this trip I’ve spent updating this blog, sometimes I wonder “why do I even bother!?!”  Then I remember I own a large blog resource and I actually quite enjoy writing.

These pain killers are making me tired and I need to figure out what my “longer term” plan is in the next ~48 hours. If you recall, my original plan for this trip was to return home for the summer to fish & golf effectively “having my cake and eating it too”. Many people travel indefinitely or never come back, many people had no life to begin with and no one who cares if they came home so why would they? I want to come home but feel I’ll get bored as I’ve become accustomed to living in hotels and meeting new interesting people every few hundred yards for the better half of a year. Flip side is, I found a flight from Saigon for under $1,000 and I do have a cracked dome piece.

On a slightly TMI and kinda gross tangent… Since my forehead is cracked in 2 places above my eye, if I scratch my eye near the nose, I can feel the other cracked part pushing out against my eyebrow on the other side of my eye. My eye is really itchy for some reason, more swollen then itchy but very itchy. Thing is, in Ottawa or here, it’s just time that heals and let me tell you, if you can come up with a weirder sensation, I’ll give you some virtual props, yes I am aware my virtual props are worth nothing.

Tips hat,

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