Blois to Bordeaux to San Sebastian, Spain


I sit here in a cafe in San Sebastian, Spain.  There is lively techno music blaring from the bar below and all I see is smiles. I’m here with a large smile, blogging like a mad man hopped up on caffeine without a care in the world, indeed I am.

So yesterday I met these chillers at the train station, booked a train from Blois to Bordeaux. At the next station I saw 2 Aussie girls, obviously I said hello and we they were going to Bordeaux, indeud. Turns out their was a direct train so I asked a lady if I could switch, boom just like that, thank you. I got lucky because the ladies who booked earlier didn’t even have a seat but somehow I got one, luckily there were some more seats open or I’d of given mine to whichever one wanted it, you’d of done the same, yes?

I bought a 5L jug of wine when I was with my cousin and we enjoyed some while eating delicious sandwiches from a bakery, that set the tone for what became a very fun filled night of meeting new people and discovering new places.

We hung out and as I was enjoying a smoke out the window I noticed this party going on across the street in this apartment, we made eye contact, I said “hello” and next thing you know, we’re at the party. It was a real party and I’m tired. I really loved France, I was going to go to Andorra but the ladies were going here, said it was nice  and I figured that in true SHABL form, plans are boring.

On the train we met this Aussie surfer dude who is surfing the whole coast. He had a hostel in mind, now I’m here, super nice people and a good vibe. Tonight for 12E you can get all you can eat paella and sangria, sounds like my kinda scene if I don’t say so myself. It’s located one block from the main beach, right in the heart of things, exactly where I like to be.

Bordeaux was cool and I may go back but who knows, the guys from the party filled me in on a big music festival in a few weeks, I may actually meet them there again, who knows. San Sebastian so far is arguably the most beautiful place I’ve ever been. The architecture is out of this world, the ocean is nice and it just feels good being here. Also there are tones of people my age. The surfer dude’s buddy used to be on the world tour and supposedly this is his favorite city in the world, I’ve been here a few hours… I can see why perhaps.

Considering I did not even know this place existed until this morning when I was booking and last minute decided to join the ladies and check out the coast. They were tired and thought it would be nice to spend the afternoon by the beach, the idea sounded good.

These Danes I just met have just brought out a massive vat of beef stew and the surfer dude just came back from the store and gave me a beer, there is a large group here and I believe it would be antisocial to keep blogging, therefore I will stop. I will however continue to do what I do best, meet new interesting people and enjoy ever minute of this life. You never know when you’re gonna go and you’ll never know unless you go.

God Speed,

P.S I think I may just buy a camera, this place is out of this world.

P.P.S: One of the largest music festivals in Europe is on the 28th in Copenhagen, I may have to check it out, it’s called the Roskilde Festival.

P.P.S: Lots of surfers and skaters here from around the world.

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  1. Fe

    June 10, 2010 at 11:55 am

    Oh, wow! My hubby & I just came back from a month’s travel in Spain & Portugal but vow to go back for much longer next spring, and definitely go to San Sebastian. We met a very nice couple in Faro, Portugal who were from the “Basque” country and they totally sold it to us. We’re not good at travel writing but enjoy reading yours and that of one of our son’s (even while we were in Europe)…keep up the good work!

  2. lindsay

    June 10, 2010 at 1:12 pm

    so glad you got to spain and are liking it

  3. Rob

    June 11, 2010 at 1:09 pm

    This place is awesome ladies, AWESOME!

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