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Ran out of my hotel today like I was the Anchor Man the day after he met Veronica Corningstone, just stoked on life. The party last night was good times, met a lot of good people and realized some changes I could make to an existing web property that could be how do you say “most egregious”.

If you’re a web type person, these conferences are great. Everyone you talk to has ideas and is in the same type of game. It’s like a giant mastermind group and random ideas you’d of never have are flowing through the stream of consciousness. Just make sure you take a net and grab some of the ideas then ride with them like the Little Prince who used to catch that star from his house to visit earth, yeah just like that.

The weather started out awesome, then the sky cried for hours and now it’s cold and damp. I thought California was hot? It’s seriously NOT freezing outside but if you have a short sleeve shirt and aren’t overweight, you’ll be cold… Who knew?

The conference sessions were decent and a few of them made me think, always something to learn my friends. I’d go on talking your ear off but there is a party at the 7 Grand courtesy of Livefyre tonight and I’ll be there. I installed their widget in the comments so you can comment through facebook and multiple other ways, maybe it will be sweet, time will tell.

Tips hat,

P.S: Anything is possible, remember that.

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