Birth of the Active Traveler Survey

Good day,

Having a splendid weekend? I most certainly hope so. Myself? I don’t really have weekends anymore and today has been well, incredibly boring, I dare say. Sat around too lazy and bored to do anything reading a book that I procured at that small Irish book store in the backpacker ghetto of  Chiang Mai. I’ve been remembering days filled with more excitement and spontaneous outbursts of enthusiasm from the solitude of an apartment in a “not so touristy part of town”.

From this extreme laziness I decided it was time to hit the town, paint it, so to speak but getting sick of red. However, running around town with no real purpose but hedonistic pleasure has also become tiresome and at worst, boring. As a result have put from note pad to word and then back to paper a simple 10 question survey for the “Active Traveler”.

The survey will be answered by anyone I run into willing to answer the survey. From your mom and or girlfriend on vacation to your old school mate getting loaded at a dive expat bar and everyone that is anywhere in between. You see, I have a hypothesis about this whole “travel blog” game and I want to test it. I’m quite certain that I’m correct but would love some empirical data to back up my possibly delusional beliefs.

As a result, I have finished the survey which was hatched in Europe and written on an Air Egypt notepad on a plane from Cairo to Bangkok. The goal is to get at least 1000 replies but preferably ” as many as possible” much like my mantra in most other things. Will also give me a valid reason to leave this now dark room that I sit in, typing away on this here computer that already has problems. (D@mn you PanTip Plaza, perhaps I should have just bought a Mac).

It’s Saturday night, time to light up, buy some beer and hit the town.

Tips hat,

P.S: I’d mention that Eurail pass but have realized that having a “giveaway” that entails 000’s of euro overhead may not be the most ideal giveaway after all.

Random Search Visitor!?: “eat scorpion in hong kong” – search.


  1. G

    September 19, 2010 at 10:22 am

    “today has been, well incredibly boring..” ??
    I thought Shabl meant something else but it seem you changed it too Start having a boring life after 368 days! Go to uhhmm.. Africa
    Laterlater hombre

  2. Rob

    September 19, 2010 at 11:27 am

    hahahah it was boring so I found a remedy and well, back to normal. Also just realized it was you. Yeah dude, Africa looks like somewhere to go, SOON.

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