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Big Corn Island, Nicaragua Tour


Today we’re going to go on a tour of Big Corn Island, Nicaragua. Big Corn is what most people call it but the reality of the matter is, it’s simply called Corn Island. Also, most people don’t know that Little Corn Island which is its smaller sister is actually just a neighbourhood of Corn Island. So effectively there is no big or little, just Corn Island and the little island is a neighbourhood about 7 miles away; who knew? Either way, today we’re going on a tour of Big Corn Island, Nicaragua.

The video below should give you a great idea of what it’s all about including a great sunrise from Little Corn Island where I’m currently living. If you talk to anyone, everyone says go straight to Little Corn Island and the reason is because that’s what 99% of tourists have always done. When I first arrived in 2011 that’s what people did and it’s the same thing today. People fly into Big Corn, jump in a taxi to the pier than take a panga ride to Little Corn.

It’s a real shame as Big Corn Island, Nicaragua has lots to offer. Obviously I love the little island but the longer I stay here the more I realize that Big Corn has lots to offer, perhaps even more than Little Corn. For starters the island is roughly four times the size and it also has cars and scooters which are quite handy when you’re looking to get around or need to get some eggs on a rainy day. It also has the best beaches in my opinion, Arena’s Beach is that classic Caribbean beach which most tourists are looking for.

This video doesn’t cover the entire island but it does a good job of giving you an idea of what it’s all about. The video is concentrated in Brig Bay, North-End, Sally Peach, South-End and Long Bay. I believe what Big Corn is lacking and what makes Little Corn such an attraction besides the lack of vehicles is a main strip for tourists to meet. At any given time there an be lots of visitors to Big Corn but it’s hard to meet other tourists to have adventures with as it’s quite spread out and no real public “meeting place”.


Either way, if you’re coming to visit the Corn Islands I highly recommend you schedule at least 25% of your time on Big Corn Island; if not you’re missing out. Here are some fun facts about Nicaragua if you’d like to know more about this country.

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