9 Best Cities to Visit in Europe

While Europe has dozens of cities worth visiting for their unique culture, architecture and food, it can get overwhelming to choose a city to start with. There are many amazing places to visit in Europe, from traditional coastal cities to those brimming with classic architecture and museums. Whether, you are a seasoned traveller or are looking to make that first trip to Europe, here are 10 must visit cities when in Europe. 

London, England

This massive city is a multicultural European destination. Seek out local in London but don’t miss the popular highlights. Visit the Tower of London, Harry Potter World, Abbey Road or if you have done it all, just sit at a café and people watch. Either way, London offers many things to do on a visit to Europe. 

Malaga, Spain

The birthplace of Picasso and the capital of Costa del Sol, Malaga is iconic for its yellow sand beaches and top resorts. Its beauty can bring out the artistic inspiration in any traveller. Visit the La Alcazaba, an 8th century Moorish Fortress that looms over the city and contains stunning gardens, gateways and fountains. This southern coastal Spanish city is well known for its Caminito del Rey hike and beaches that cater to all kinds of visitors.

Santorini, Greece

One of the Cyclades islands in the Aegan sea, Santorini overlooks the sea and small islands with beaches that are made up of black, red and white lava pebbles. 1.5 million tourists visit Santorini each year, however, that doesn’t take away the charm of this whitewashed, coastal city. Walk the caldera edge, sip wine produced in local vineyards and witness the stunning sunset, all that you can ask for a perfect getaway. 

Budapest, Hungary 

Much of the city of Budapest has been granted UNESCO World Heritage Site status. This means that there are many places to visit for a culture buff. From palaces and museums to parliaments and architectural marvels. The Buda Castle, Chain Bridge and Budapest Parliament are top of the must visit heritage sites in the city. Tired of walking around the city? Take a dip in one of the 20 thermal pools in Széchenyi Baths. These baths are the largest thermal pools in Europe. 

Amalfi Coast, Italy 

Amalfi Coast is one of the best places that Italy has to offer. From its colourful cliff-side villages to sublime beaches, Amalfi Coast paints the picture of a typical coastal village. 

It also has popular hiking routes on old shepherds’ trails that allow you to take in the magnificent view of the coast from the top. Take a walk through the cobblestoned streets and try fresh sea food to get a taste of the local lifestyle.  

Paris, France

A must visit destination when it comes to travelling in Europe, Paris is the city that most people prefer to add to their European itinerary. Truly romantic, Paris has never lost its charm despite the surge of tourists through the years. It has everything to offer from art, history, architecture to cafes and shopping. Visit the churches and admire the iconic Eifel Tower and then walk through the endless exhibits at the Louvre. 

Vienna, Austria

An artistic city with a musical legacy, many notable composers of classical music chose to perform in this city. That is why it is no doubt that the best thing to do when in Vienna is to catch a classical opera at Vienna State Opera. Besides music, Vienna is also well known for its number of museums. Museum of Modern art, House of Music museum and 

Austrian Gallery Belvedere are some of the highlights. A visit to the Schönbrunn Palace will give you a look into the history of the palace’s rulers and their changing tastes, reflected by the different gardens that span over 300 years. 

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Known for its canal system and narrow houses, Amsterdam is a wonderful destination to visit for all types of travellers. This fun and diverse Dutch capital has a personality of its own. Visit the Rijksmuseum, a Gothic and Renaissance building, home to a phenomenal collection of Dutch masterworks from the Golden Age. Take a Canal tour or a bike ride through the city. If art and history is more your thing, visit the Van Gogh museum or learn about the history of WWII with a visit to the Anne Frank house. 

Rome, Italy 

Rome is a can’t miss destination on a tour to Europe. Millions of tourist flock to this European destination each year. Turn any corner in Rome and you might run into an ancient building, the best food you’ve ever tried or a great bar. Visit the Vatican, the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps. 

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