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Barracuda Fishing off Little Corn Island

Good day,

Supposedly the fishing around Little Corn Island is great, why wouldn’t it be? If there aren’t a wealth of large feisty fish 50 miles offshore in the Caribbean Sea, where would they be? This fish is supposedly a “small barracuda” and they get considerably larger. Rumor has it the gent in a few blog posts ago riding the horse aka the guy from the Peace Love Farm has the island record. It was so big they had to bring the boat into shore, a fish story or truth!?

The gent above is named Alphonso and has signs all over, now we know he is legit. I saw Captain Elvis leaving today with some people at about 7am. On the topic of fishing, also met a gent on the beach who said he went and it was very worthwhile. All this said, bigger barracuda have been fished from the dock of Little Corn which supposedly dwarf this one. Let’s not forget about the rumored “resident nurse shark”.

Maybe I’m sheltered but that’s a big fish, I held it up and can’t imagine pulling it on a hand line.  So you know, the people who use hand lines for fishing aren’t super human for the most part, they wrap their hands in old rubber from tires so it doesn’t burn. Supposedly the “thrill” of hooking a large fish with your hands then pulling it in is incomparable.

Heard there is also king fish and tarpon around these parts, another rumor is that tarpon is delicous.

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