Bailing on Bocas Del Toro & Bus to Panama City


I write this from a lackluster and uninspired internet cafe where I’m sure my passwords have been captured and the keyboard is decrepit. It’s 2:40pm aka a few hours before I must depart on a night bus to Panama City, this visit was short but atleast it happened. Last night I realized that this whole PC issue was simply a test from above to test my resolve and steer me clear of such said situation so I didn’t sweat it until I awoke at 2am as though to a fire alarm…

As I type this on this challenged keyboard, I’m listening to Beethoven’s 5th Symphony as the last few hours have been nothing short of a classic conclusion to my computer crash. I awoke at 2am as I had made the most erroneous decision to turn on the air conditioning, sure enough the room became an iceblock and I awoke moments before being frozen like a piece of rotten fish ready to be served in the frozen food section at a supermarket near you.  Suffice to say I also realized that my comptuer was still turning on but the screen was dead aka still a snowball’s hope in h3ll.

First things first, when you can’t sleep you do interesting things like stroll the streets looking for the first place open to grab something to eat and take shots around the city at sunrise. Went around Bocas taking countless photos, quite beautiful in the morning, I dare say. Later I managed to plug my computer into a monitor and after countless restarts got it to load up in safemode with a mangled screen, backed up all the pertinent files and now my PC is fit for its proper use and that is to become a glorified paperweight or a rotten pieces of plastic at the bottom of a landfill. Always backup your business records yesterday, yes?

Last night was interesting, it seems that past 9pm there isn’t much to do but go boozing around here. As a result I bailed and slept like a log until that untimely wake up. Seeing how my friend must be in San Jose for the 7th of October and Sunday isn’t a great day for shopping, we’re taking the overnight bus from Almirante to Panama City at 7pm. It costs $28 and should take 10-12 hours, hooray. The original plan was a plane and I was willing to pay the $80 odd dollars. The issue is with taxes etc it comes to $120, when you factor in a room it comes to more than $100 more to fly than just take the bus, the answer is simple when time rich, yes?

Writing from a cafe has cramped my style, I’m eager to get a new PC so things can get back to normal. I’ve also salvaged the posts from Costa Rica so stay tuned for them in the very near future. In closing I’d like to say that I had breakfast at this place called Tom #2 which was recommended by a surly old expat who loves saving and it was great. On the main drag you’ll get two uninspired eggs and leather bacon for $5, at this place they served a whole fish, beans, rice, spaghetti, fried plantanes and a free juice; crazy yes? It’s above the municipal mercado with a  2nd story sea view.

It is unfortunate that things have worked out the way they have but such is life and we’ll never know the reason for anything until it is all done. That said, when things are going well expect monkey wrenchs to be thrown in your spokes as you speed down the street on a Schwinn with a surreal smile. This is a test to see if you flip and fracture your frontal lobe or take such said wrench, remove the monkey and turn it into your butler…

I can see why this place is popular it just doesn’t mesh with my current mindset.

Tips hat,

P.S: Supposedly some surrounding islands are stunning, hopefully there will be a next time.

P.P.S: Top pick to just hang out is “The Bocas Bookstore”, say hello to Dave as he’s a classic character. Also ask him if he has “Barbara Bush’s Biography”. It sat in his store for 8 years until last night while I was drinking a $1.50 beer someone came in requeted it and left with a smile, huh!?


  1. Sean McCowboy

    September 27, 2012 at 1:24 pm

    reading that sure makes me want to train a monkey to be my butler. HOws the fishin down there? did you manage to get out at all?

    • Rob

      September 27, 2012 at 1:42 pm

      I’ve been a monkey on my computer as I started a whole slew of ventures before leaving then went without internet for a while and am stuck on these redundant internet cafe computers.

      That said, did see several schools of Jack swimming from breakfast, it seems to be alright but until I get my PC back, I’m like a trucker without a truck.

      We’re heading to the Pacific side of Panama, hopefully get out there.

  2. charlie

    October 13, 2012 at 1:47 pm

    When you say only boozing after 9pm here.. do you mean it’s pretty boring so there’s nothing to but drink (like Oklahoma) or that the only nightlife involves out of control binge drinking party bars?

    • Rob

      October 13, 2012 at 2:12 pm

      I was only there a few days but I’m going with both.

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