Back in Bluefields, Nicaragua



Writing this on my phone from a small but suitable hotel room in Bluefields, Nicaragua. As it happens, a pirate friend who was at the port on Big Corn tipped me off the passenger ferry was canceled, thankful for that! If not would have been pretty low arriving on Big Corn for nothing.

So we went fishing with Captain Randy and lost the largest king fish I have ever seen. We had it right to the boat but such is life at sea sometimes, right? Suffice to say it was a loss but still a win because the bite sent 3 grown men to Disney World for about 7 minutes.

Made my way to Big Corn today and b-lined it to the airport. I put my name on the waiting list and 20 min later I had a return flight for $98! Did you know that if you book a 1-way online it’s $79?! Everything worked out, sweet

Had that not worked out, would still be waiting on Big Corn for that ship…

Landed in Bluefields and no cabs at the airport so I walked through town looking for my hotel. It’s kinda run down but not as seedy as I remember. If anything, the area reminds me of parts of Tanzania with the colourful and cosmetically challenged yet structurally sound buildings.

Made my way to some diner on top of a building and eat a sub par meal. Just something about exploring new places, even the not so pretty ones that makes you feel alive; at least it’s the case for me. Supposedly shrimp costs $1 a pound here and sells on Little Corn for $3+ a pound, I smell a delicious opportunity I can eat should it fail.

I’d continue but WaterWorld just came on and for whatever reason I’m beyond ecstatic about that. In closing, time to get some rest and really happy how it all worked out.

Tips hat,

P.S: Photo is some random canal in town that caught my eye and below is part of Big Corn from the plane.


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