Ayutthaya Ancient Ruins aka Siam

Ayutthaya Ancient Kingdom of Siam Thailand


On my second trip to Thailand I explored the north. Many go straight to Chiang Mai but I love Thailand and wasn’t in the mood so I took local buses from town to town. I’d spend a day or so, see what was going on and then leave. One of the cities I visited was Ayutthaya aka the ancient city of Siam. That link brings you to a vlog I made of the place.

The guesthouses are incredibly cheap and so is transportation to and from. I really enjoyed walking around Siam’s ruins and could envision the civilization that once lived there. Supposedly it was a great trading hub that allowed foreigners from Europe and other parts of the world to set up camp outside the city gates.

If time machines existed, I’d love to see this place in it’s prime. Ayutthaya is also the old capital of Thailand. When you get there, you can’t help but notice the tuk tuk’s. They are all incredibly “tricked out” like low-rider pickups in parts of the USA and Central America. These gents take “pride in their ride”.


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