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Another Random Day in Bangkok

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Greetings web friends,

First, do not eat chili green, red and spicy for breakfast, lunch and dinner for days after you FIRST discover it. I made this most egregious error and am paying for my most erroneous ways via intense heart burn. It’s 100% the curry, I woke up this morning and yes, had some more. Much to my chagrin got heart burn so bad I went back to bed for another 4 hours. 5PM is quite the interesting time to “start one’s day”.

Met these ladies from Ibiza again. I love Ibiza and want to go there, in fact forget “want”, I will go there. If you don’t know what it is all about, I’m not the one to tell you. They ask if I would like to join them for dinner, I said “soitenly” (sic). I was making a transfer of videos and photos from one external hard drive to another to send home so told them I would catch up with them.  Oh, supposedly June and September are “prime time” in Ibiza.

I digress.

I go to the place 40 minutes later, guess I had the wrong place, ladies no where to be found. I slap my forehead and wander around. Some would be disappointed about this missed encounter but remember “who knows what’s good or bad!?” I also thought to myself, next time I get an invite like this, look at my transfer or whatever else I’m doing that doesn’t matter and say “PHUKET“!

I meet this guy, hopelessly looking for a hotel, begin leading him to one. In fact I said “This is your lucky day, I’ve got nothing to do, follow me” while continuing to feast on a delicious pancake.  Find some more people also in the same predicament. Next thing you know I’m the pied piper with a pack of R.A.T.S (random ambitious traveling soldiers) following me. I lead them to their destination send my regards and am back on the streets.

I venture off the beaten path to get a sick deal on some meat skewers after eating a few water melons, pancakes and whatever else I can fit in my mouth. I see these ladies eating from this massive soup on the side of the street. They ask me to join them, I say “sure”. I eat with these ladies and a guy from Africa who owns the shop. These European ladies come around and we all just “hang out” for 3-5 hours.

Now I type this update for you, the internet. I’m leaving Bangkok in the next few days and highly recommend you to visit this fine city. There is something around every corner. Even found a clean looking place for 100 baht a night, (Fan room). I’m quite content paying 250baht which is also negligibly cheap.

I will note, many people only stay a few days saying it’s too intense. Last time I CHECKED these are people who want to spend their whole vacation getting skin cancer while reading some bs book about Vampires or “treu (sic) love”. Always assess who the opinion is coming from before giving it any weight, yes?

Tips hat,

P.S Off to get that skewer I never managed to eat and whatever else whets my appetite.

P.P.S: Met a bunch of Canadians recently, most cool. I’M VERY SAD to report some of the least interesting and most stuck up people I’ve met on this trip are from Ottawa, sigh.

P.P.S: Saw some 82 year old guy with a frog lady hat breaking it down to this beat on the hot streets earlier and now I share it with you. Picture your grandpa’s older brother busting out, yes I think I have a video of it that I’ll share at an undetermined time in the future.

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