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Another Day at the Office on Little Corn


Won the lobster lotto today, indeed. At roughly 8am saw some gents with large lobster head bags, inquired. Was lead in a direction where I ran into the gents from the fry pig the day before. One of them brought me to a gents house who had the cooler above, that’s just part of it. These tails were of a higher grade, it was immediately apparent. This will be the last update about lobster for a while but need to make some things clear. Picking up 6.75 pounds of fresh lobster tail for $30.83 is just another day at the office on Little Corn.

Let’s do some math and comparisons, shall we?

The price was C$700 or $30.84US . There were 21 tails which works out to a price of $1.47 a tail. It also works out to $4.57 a pound, naturally a pound is eaten daily. It’s freezing cold in the valley where I’m from yet just purchased lobster tails for less than a coffee which included a walk along the ocean? A pound of fresh lobster tail costs less than some value 6″ sub of the day at Subway, it’s treu(sic). This is madness and one of the things that makes up for the all too common power shortages. Also a reason to get in gear should your dreams include beaches, time and lobster tails.

Enough about lobster though,yes?While relaxing today and chatting with the 6 Swedish ladies checking out, something dawned on me. When is the last time you’re just sitting there with a large bag of lobster chatting with 6 attractive women from a foreign country? It’s part of the daily routine of traveling which is all too often over looked until it simply can’t.

Have become aware through a new friend of a most interesting way to exit the Corn Islands. The geographical position of the island limits your options in terms of where you can go but there is an option that is most attractive. This project is under watchful R&D at SHABL Labs right now and could be implemented as soon as early February, more as details become available.

It’s Friday night, doesn’t feel different than any other night around here.

Tips hat,

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