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Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia


Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Cambodia is definitely worth seeing if you’re in the neighborhood but really tiring. It`s also really hyped, not to say it`s not nice. You can get a tuk tuk there and I`d assume back for $5US(other dude offered it earlier when we walked away $10, $8, $5) we paid a guy $6 and then extended it to the others, mainly the place with trees growing out of and around the buildings. It`s quite cool an afternoon was enough for this gent. For the rest of the trip, we agreed on $10, I`m sure could have had it lower, didn`t care. Talked to many who paid $15, I`m sure it`s gone as high as $20 or $25 to some.

Once you arrive to Angkor Wat, you need a ticket, it`s really official, even take a photo of you like a name badge. It`s $20US for a day, $40 for 3. I`d buy 1, if you want another day get the other pass. 3 days!? You have to be pretty dedicated in my mind.

I feel no motivation to write anything, have you know I`m making the most of this room and just kicking back. Siem Reap is nice for a few days, meeting up with some people for dinner and who knows from there. What`s kinda cool is I ran into `The Spanish Ladies`in the hotel lobby. Met them in Bali, Bangkok, Vang Vien and now here, all totally random except Bangkok.

There is plenty to do here but I`m going to lie face down in my bed until my alarm goes off at 6pm. Procrastinate until it goes off once more at 6:05pm and I have to drag myself back to reality. I also like the fact that the only time I ever set an alarm now is for a mid day nap, on the topic of napping…

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