Ferry from Victoria & Always Good Times in Vancouver


I just got in from a pleasant walk to make some last minute purchases before my friend’s wedding. He’ll be getting married in less than 2 hours so naturally, this will be brief.  Suffice to say, it’s always good times in Vancouver. What a city, it’s not the most desirable place to live in Canada for no reason . Straight up, it’s really hard to beat downtown Vancouver, British Columbia on a sunny summer day. It’s got an interesting landscape and even more interesting characters wandering the streets.

I took the ferry to bus to skytrain combo yesterday and it was pleasant. It’s only like $15 to get on the ferry so if you grab the buffet which I did for $20 it basically costs you less than $40 for a nice meal with a view and transportation to the mainland. Blows your mind when you think how much a cab costs from your typical airport. Once you get off the ferry, a bus will be there in minutes which costs $4.50 and you can take it to one of the skytrain stops before entering the core. It’s a bit of a process but the alternative is a $160+tax plane ticket for 30 minutes, a clear choice for those who are time rich.

From there we hung out a bit before heading to the Sutton Place for a friends rehearsal dinner. I  remember that place well as whenever I’d be visiting in town on business back in the day, I’d go for drinks at the Gerard Lounge and it’s the place I saw Cameron Diaz looking all to normal in a dark corner. My friend pointed her out and I was like “no way” until I realized yes yes it was her and she doesn’t look like a movie star but I digress… The meal was great, company even better and awesome to catch up with old friends.

Considering I need to be out the door in 35 minutes, that’s it for now. Just know that if you’re on a trip around the world you really want to catch Vancouver on a sunny summer day, it’s bliss. The weather now is how I’ve always remembered Vancouver and why I speak so fond of it. When I was here in June, it was cold and not so nice. At the end of the day, there is no perfect place to live ANYWHERE but many places that come close and with the right weather sure feel like it, Vancouver is most definitely one of them.

Tips hat,

P.S: Has it really been nearly 3 years? Feels like yesterday I flew out here for a wedding and started this blog

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