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Get Ready for an Adventure in Your Own Backyard

Many people have found it difficult to be stuck at home this year. But with a bit of imagination and some basic DIY skills you can create a place for adventure in your own backyard.

Enjoying your yard or garden space doesn’t have to be just about being knowing how to grow things. Use the space wisely and you can create everything from a tropical chill-out zone to a lively Caribbean-style entertaining space. However, it may get a little challenging if you are dealing with weed and grass in your backyard. Make sure that you have the right tools to help with prepping your backyard for your DIY home adventure.

So, how can you use your DIY skills make a creative space for an at-home adventure?

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A hotel-style outdoor room

Create yourself a chic, five-star outdoor room to relax in during those sunny days. For this idea, you’ll need to use your skills to lay a good-sized patio space. Slate, granite or limestone will give you a far more stylish and modern finish than concrete, but it will increase your cost to lay patio tiles.

Once you’ve got your patio down, it’s time to get your tools out again to erect some wooden screening. This will create a private space and the feeling of a proper room, despite the fact that it’s outside. It will also help to make the patio area look like a more grown-up space.

Finally, you can add hotel-style outdoor lounge furniture or recliners, so you can relax like you’re on holiday. If it’s too hot in the sun, get yourself a large patio umbrella to provide a nice bit of shade. Don’t forget to dress the space with large stone containers planted with ornamental grasses and add good-quality solar lights for enjoying cool evenings.

Squint a little and you could pretend you’re relaxing poolside at a five-star hotel.

A tropical chill-out zone

If you like the sound of relaxing outside, but would like to feel as though you’re somewhere more exotic, why not create a relaxing tropical hideaway? By planting up large containers with a range of tropical-style greenery, such as banana plants and ferns, you can create a tropical oasis in your yard.

Your chill-out zone should have lots of cool features to create some super-relaxed vibes, both day and night. Perhaps the most important is a place to lie down and chill out properly. A hammock is perfect for this, but you could also go for a recliner.

Add in tropical-inspired garden ornaments and water features, to create a distinct theme. Then it’s time for those DIY skills again. A fire pit is a great addition to a late-night chill-out zone, and you can build one of these yourself. Repurpose old materials to create your firepit or build it from scratch, it’s really up to you. They can be made from metal or brick to keep the fire contained and under control.

A Caribbean-style party space

If you like the sound of styling your yard to feel as though you are in a warm paradise, but fancy a more social atmosphere, why not create a Caribbean-style party space?

You can use your DIY skills here to create a rustic garden bar. Wood is a great material for this and if you don’t want to start from scratch, try converting an old shed. To make the space perfect for entertaining, make sure the bar is open sided with bar stools for your friends to gather on.

Add in a gazebo, a music system, mini palm trees and some decorative pebbles, and you should have the ideal spot to enjoy some rum cocktails with your friends and neighbors.

An outdoor cinema experience

If none of these ideas are quite hitting the spot for you, then maybe you could consider creating an outdoor private cinema space? This has become a popular choice for many households since cinemas have been closed. You will need a bit of tech to set this up, including a projector and a screen, but the rest of the cinema space can be designed however you prefer.

You’ll need comfortable seating, such as outdoor lounge furniture or recliners, and a canopy to keep you protected from the elements. Some kind of screening around the space, for privacy, could be useful. Fairy lights, outdoor rugs, warm throws and lots of popcorn will finish the experience off nicely. If you don’t like gardening and would like to change that then put artificial grass and make a play area or get a projector and nice lights and make an outdoor home theater. Here is the cost of installing artificial grass in San Jose.

Hopefully, this will give you some ideas for creating your own backyard adventures and using one or two of those DIY skills.

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