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A Week on Big Corn Island, Nicaragua

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It’s Friday and I’m in my office which is a budget room I rent for $6 a day. I’m such a workaholic that I often sleep in my office and my hours are 24/7 when here; the door is always closed but the office open. It’s been a week now that I’ve been on Big Corn and I know it’s not much but I’ve gotten a much better feel for the place. Let’s be real, most only visit any given city for 4-5 days or less anyways so it’s enough to have formed an impression. Considering visiting? Here are some interesting facts about Nicaragua to paint a bigger picture.

The island is rather laid-back and easily accessible while being beyond budget friendly. There is also a noticeable street food scene which I’ve immersed myself in thoroughly. From fried chicken to local dishes I won’t attempt to spell; they’re all there and ready to be sold to a hungry local character or one dressed in funny clothes from far flug corners of the globe. There is a tourist presence here but it’s still not making enough of an impact to make you feel like you’re in a tourist spot.

The beaches are phenomenal and basically deserted. I like that but I also don’t; I’m over the fantasy of strolling around on beaches by myself. I’m all about the people you meet in places which gets to my next point; interesting people on this island and that’s part of the reason I’m still here despite planning on leaving on Thursday. Having spent so much time on the little island; I always thought of this place as going away from where I want to be.

Having spent a week here, I realize it’s the same game in a different framework. If I had never found Little Corn; I’d still like hanging out here. Now, I’m seeing my life on the Corn Islands instead of just living on Little Corn; not coming to the big island is like missing out on part of the equation. I see some tourists coming here and not going over to the other and vice versa. If you only see one you’re missing half the fun as these two islands remind me of the Thai saying “same same but different”.

I’m going to catch the later ferry out and make my way home for the weekend; I believe it’s the best way to play things. The week I’ve had here has been beyond productive with results that I find rather shocking. Also shocking is how it took me 9 months to really try out this new theory of mine; so many weekdays have been wasted roaming whitesand beaches. That’s always fun but let’s be serious; if you’re not retired or on vacation it’s not healthy for your bottom line if you’re hungry for more.

I also want to let you in on a secret… This secret could be the best bargain beer you’ll find near a beach anywhere in the world… In Sally Peachy there is this small white building next to Yellow Tail Guesthouse and it’s right by the sea. This is one of my favorite spots on the island regardless of the beer deal but so you know, you can buy a beer right there with Little Corn in the background for less than $1. For $0.728US you, me or anyone can enjoy an ice cold beer with a million dollar view; insanity.

I can’t think of anywhere in the world that offers that value, can you?

I’d go on but it’s approaching noon aka high time to get some lunch and go for a snorkel.

Coming to Nicaragua? Coming to the Corn Islands? Pencil in a few extra days and get to know the place.

This photo was taken this morning and is from a parade of sorts celebrating a church’s anniversary.

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  1. Looks amazing. Great blog too, the travel bits. Cohesive theme and all, making me a bit envious. I live a vagabond life too, and blog. But it’s more rants and ramblings, the sort of thing that’ll probably never grow up and be properly respectable..

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