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A Seafood Sunday Story from Little Corn Island

Hi Mom,

Catching barracuda isn’t just for distinguished gents of the highest moral fiber anymore, it’s for the whole family. These kids were walking away with the 3 smallest barracuda caught on a Sunday morning off Little Corn Island. There were also two barracuda roughly three times the size and a king fish that was even larger. They went for 3 hours with a skipper named “Captain Elvis”. I ran into Elvis before and after, he was pleased.

A local gent informed me 6 is “good”, if you catch 10 big ones, that’s great and tarpon are there but they never bite.

Yesterday was great and ran into the gent from the fry pig and guess what, he was up to it again. This time a cornmeal mix with some potato, rice, onion, parsley and big old chunks of pork. Put them on some tin foil then fold it up, then put that on a huge banana leave, do the same. Then tie up such said banana leave and throw it into a monster pot, then boil it for 3 hours, I’m going to have some today.

Since this gent is so welcoming and generous with his hospitality, decided to grab 2 pounds of lobster for us to feast on while the pork was preparing. Suffice to say, had the best tails yet and it included a slick marinate. Besides that Lizano based sauce it included plantains, beans and rice and some salad. This guy simply loves to cook and goes “industrial” on all projects.

Currently hanging out with a friend who came to visit, more on that later.

Have a great week,

P.S: Would add photos but my battery is dead. #needsolarpanel


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