A Relaxing Weekend in Anchorage, Alaska

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I sit here in a robe of sorts made from two white towels in a room I’ve spent lots of time recently here in Anchorage, Alaska. If you were busy living the ethos of SHABL this weekend, I commend you and for your reading pleasure suggest you catch up with “Exploring Anchorage, Alaska” and “Hanging out at the Hilton Garden Inn”. I’m still residing there and writing this bloggery in a most relaxed classical music type mood. Phillip Glass resonates through my ear drums as drops of rain wish to viciously attack my window pane with the hopes of being absorbed by my makeshift white robe of sorts…

I’m glad, really glad that I made the decision to¬† explore the city on Saturday and play golf on Sunday because Sunday was a day where you woke up and it was cool, cloudy and wet. As a result, the golf never transpired but it’s no big deal as there are golf courses around the world but only one Anchorage, Alaska and glad I got to see it on a sunny late-summer Saturday aka in all it’s glory. The town was alive and I was part of the pulse, in my mind that is one of the most amusing things of travel. The towns you see and the people you meet which change your perception on the past, present and future.

Considering I’m here with the Hilton Garden Inn as opposed to say Tourism Anchorage, I had no qualms doing something I’ve always fantasized about but never had the opportunity… That fantasy is basically just hanging out in a hotel without a care in the world. Overeating from their breakfast buffet, soaking my stretched stomach in the hot tub and looking at the exercise equipment until my head hurt and deciding it would be best done on another day or like other unpleasant things, not at all.

If you’ve ever traveled with business, it’s a double edged sword. You usually get to visit very nice places and stay in hotels that you’d like to get acquainted with but here is the catch, you can’t. You are usually busy “doing business” so you return to your place of residence late at night with a cool buzz and next thing you know that buzz is replaced by a subsequent low moments after the buzzer goes off far too early and you’re back at it. It doesn’t matter what amenities the hotel has as you can’t use any of them as it’s merely a place to rest your head.

The circumstances of this trip and the weather we were presented provided a chance to do something I’ve never done before and that is simply exist in a hotel. Watch the TV, crank that thermostat up, make small talk with the gregarious folks at the front desk and laugh loudly at breakfast with someone who is a larger lunatic than yourself. It’s been bliss and frankly, sorry to see it all come to an end.

Besides maxing and relaxing, I went out and painted the town of Anchorage Alaska with a small brush covered in water colors so naturally, didn’t make much of a mark. I went to Humpy’s Alehouse with Teresa and dined on Halibut just for the h3llofit. It was delicious but the portion could have been larger. That place has live music and was quite hopping when we were there. On the topic of hops, they had a vast array of micro-brew selections that I indulged in and enjoyed thoroughly.

It was cool being out and about downtown on a Saturday night while it’s still bright out, yes you read that right. The following evening a large group of us banded together and made our way to Moose’s Tooth as supposedly they have the best pizza in town. I ordered the RockFish as I figured why not, I’m in Alaska. The pizza was kinda gross to say the least and it’s turned me off the greasy pie that is the apple in the eye of so many people around this globe. That said, was fish ever really supposed to go with pizza?

In a few hours I’m packing up my bags and leaving for Victoria, British Columbia. Thanks again to the Hilton Garden Inn for being innovative in their approach to working with new media. I’ve also discovered that I quite like it up here in the summer and one day wish to visit Homer which is a 5 hour drive south of here and dubbed “The Halibut Capital of the World”.

Tips hat,

Search du Jour!?: “One way ticket to Nicaragua” <- I like their style!

Author: SHABL

Rob has been traveling the world and living abroad for over a decade. The goal was to stop having a boring life and it turned into something far greater. He's worked with national tourism boards and been mentioned in National Geographic. These days he lives abroad and loves business, technology, the tropical lifestyle, good food and travel.

6 thoughts on “A Relaxing Weekend in Anchorage, Alaska

  1. Fish on pizza??? I believe you did this one to yourself, so lets not take it out on all pizza good sir. Good on ya for trying though. Nice work as always and looking forward to the next adventure. Good luck and enjoy your playground.
    Tip hat

  2. Right you are, what was I thinking!? I’m not a huge pizza fan to begin with and wanted to go for seafood but pizza won so I tagged along. Instead of embracing the Italian pie, I had to try and have the best of both worlds which turned out to be the worst.

    Always good to hear from you, good sir.

    Tips hat,

  3. i am off to Vancouver in 2 days. My first meal is going to be halibut, and then possibly some more halibut. Why does fresh halibut on the prairies (flown in daily) never taste the same? I think it is the sea air. smell as well as taste.

    I will also devour a few dozen fanny bay oysters.

    hope to meet you in Nicaragua this winter (Canada winter)

    1. You’re going to have a blast in Vancouver and everything tastes better fresh. When on the coast it makes sense to indulge on seafood similar to steaks in Alberta.

      I *should* be around the Corn Islands at some point in October but who really knows?!

      Safe travels and sushi is great in Van.

      1. Just got to Victoria myself on Monday evening. Originally form Ontario as well. So far, so good! You’ve been here before, no?? Or just Van?? cheers and have a great stay!

        1. Hey Bre,

          I’ve been here a few times before and always had a good time. Are you in Victoria for long? The weather is quite nice of late so hopefully it will continue.

          Enjoy Victoria!

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