A Guide to Dealing With Erectile Dysfunction in a Relationship

Erectile dysfunction causing trouble with your relationship? Well, you’re not alone!

Approximately 52% of men experience some form of the same issue at some point in their lifetime. Thankfully, there’s plenty you can do to address it. Want to learn more?

Here’s a quick and easy guide on how to deal with erectile dysfunction (ED).

How to Deal With Erectile Dysfunction in a Relationship

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Don’t Beat Yourself Up

ED’s a common source of shame for men who experience it. So, first thing’s first: give yourself a break. Not only can ruminating on the issue impact your self-confidence, but it can also cause extra stress that exacerbates the problem!

Remember: you’re not the first person to encounter ED and you definitely won’t be the last. Be kind to yourself, take the pressure off your shoulders, and the problem may fade into memory anyway.

Understanding Erectile Dysfunction

Understanding any issue is the first step to tackling it. You demystify the experience, identify the possible cause(s), and find solutions as a result. As for ED, a whole array of factors can come into play.

On the physiological side, it can be an unfortunate outcome of having clogged arteries, diabetes, or high blood pressure. Yet it can also become a problem due to psychological issues, such as stress, anxiety, or low self-esteem. ED can also occur as a side-effect of certain medications, including antidepressants and tranquilizers.

Whatever the cause, erectile dysfunction symptoms include difficulty developing or maintaining an erection. The severity of ED varies, with some men unable to get an erection at all and others who can’t hold theirs long enough to enjoy satisfying intercourse.

Coping With Erectile Dysfunction in Your Relationship

A healthy sex life is, for many couples, a fundamental part of a long-term, thriving relationship. As a result, ED can put a strain on the dynamic and create relationship issues over time.

If that’s the case for you and your partner, the secret to remedying the situation is working together to address it. Don’t suffer in silence. Communicate your feelings tactfully, be kind to each other (ED affects both partners), and collude with one another to find a) the possible cause(s) and b) solutions.

Communication is crucial. It can help to dispel any underlying feelings of shame or embarrassment, as well as frustration that may be simmering beneath the surface. If your partner is the one with ED, then comfort them and tell them it’s normal; guilt-treatment will only make matters worse.

You might find that talking openly and alleviating any obvious stressors in your life will get rid of the ED. If it doesn’t, though, you could consider asking your doctor to test for underlying health issues, or to prescribe ED medications, like TriMix. Therapy for ED is also a possible treatment approach.

Wondering How to Deal with Erectile Dysfunction? Now You Know

ED is a commonplace problem that can cause all sorts of nasty knock-on effects in a relationship. The good news is that dealing with ED is simpler than many people think!

If you’ve been wondering how to deal with erectile dysfunction, then we hope this guide has made a difference. Keep the insights in mind and it shouldn’t be long before you find the ED solution you need.

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