Hahahahha, buahahahahaha

This place is sick, so glad I left Lisbon. Met a cool Norwegian on the train, ended up at his hostel, which is the one I heard was ªoff the hookª, indeed. I got here, went to 8.95E all you can drink and eat for 1 hour. I drank 4 pints in 10 minutes then took me 50 for 2 more… Suffice to say I am at the ªparty loacationª in Largos, Portugal.

Went to another bar, free shots, whatever. Trains here are SUPER CHEAP unless you are doing ALL OF EUROPE you may as well just do train by train. FYI I emailed EURAIL and they agreed that with the stats package of this here holy blog a free 2 months, 15 days travel was cool as a sponsorship, indeed.

Anyways his place is sick. I plan on doing a quick tour through Europe and coming back to San Sebastian and here and other locations I have not yet seen. Let us just say, this place is SICK.

Coming to Europe… Donºt forget Portugal, it is sick. That said, the gent at the ticket booth guy gave me a 2nd class ticket. I hate it now, all these kids running around…. (I hate kids) unless they are related and what not… I went into 1a

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