First, this title would imply there has been some research done, that is not the case regarding the Eurorail Global Pass. I do believe if you buy the 21 country unlimited they give you 15 travel days, which is weak.

Explore 21 countries in Europe with 1 Eurail Pass!

  • Travel by rail in 21 countries in Europe.
  • Global Pass continuous: travel as many days as you like for 15 days up to 3 months.
  • Global Pass flexi: travel on 10 to 15 days of your choice within 2 months.
  • Free registered shipping, lowest prices, secure payment.
  • Various extra Pass benefits, like cheap ferries.

You basically get stuff written like the above. Considering it is 1st class and a ticket from Amsterdam to Paris on Thaly’s is 149€ … The unlimited which is a bit of a misnomer for 3 month is ~1400€. It works out to 15 trips. I bet if you took really long trips with connections it would like a “2 trip trip” or something.

If you’re going to offer a global pass, doesn’t it make sense to atleast have a plan that lets one visit each country?  Call me crazy but I envisioned a pass where you could use it daily, if you wanted. I knew there would probably be a restriction to ~1 trip per day. Either way 15 trips in 3 months doesn’t sound so incredible, then again neither does 149€ for a single train ride to Paris. Poland isn’t even included in the pass.

Coffee shops and whatnot become boring after a few days. I can thank some American guy going “out with a bang” in a coffee shop for giving me that eurorail pass before he left. Some lady in the lobby is yelling at this guy who I believes has no clue what she is saying.

“Global Pass continuous: travel as many days as you like for 15 days up to 3 months.”

Is it just me, but if you read this thing REALLY slowly you’d be let down, it states “travel as many days as you like”, aswesome. Then it throws in “for 15 days in 3 months.”

I think it is “worth it” unless you plan to tap into some underground network or can secure really cheap airfare. Air is my prefered mode of transport so perhaps an equally thorough report on options there are worthwhile.

Thing with airports is you must factor in time/cost of travel from airport to downtown. If there are major subway systems, no problem. You may even be able to get a free nights stay with your flight.

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