This is the story of a totally unplanned random adventure starting with a night in Amsterdam.

Arrive at the airport ~ 10:30PM or so, takes forever to get through customs and even longer to get our baggage. As people disperse one wanders around the airport looking for an ATM machine, no avail. Find one and at this point it is getting late. Having last left a hotel room ~43 hours earlier, the only reasonable thing to do was take a train to central station.

Meet a random guy and end up finding out a bout some reasonable apartments near central station. It’s freezing for someone fresh from a prolonged stay in SE Asia. Shorts, T-shirt and a jacket sans fleece. Wander around asking some people where to catch a train to some of the things on the paper from that lady I met on the flight over. Run into these girls who say they are going that way, the trams have no stopped running and we get a bus.

Arrive at something Leins where lots of clubs and coffee shops are, they go to a bar and give me the address for after I ditch my stuff. Can’t find a hotel, anywhere in walking distance. It’s freezing and I’m tired. The coffee shops are all closed so it has to be past 1. I walk into a Burger King and ask the security guard if he’ll hold my bag while I bring my tray up. He says I can put it behind this door for you, I say thanks. Upon returning to the line I realize that since my big bag is gone, I should leave there as long as possible.

I ask him if I can go and come back later and explain I had just landed, found my way here and everything seemed to be booked. Lots of people from surrounding areas come into town for the weekends not to mention the constant onslaught of foreign tourists looking for accomodation.

Considering I still have my pack on, wasn’t sure if I could go into some clubs. They were obviously closing the outside so I asked a bouncer if I could still order one outside to which he said no but you an inside. The bar was busy and in typical Amsterdam style, people are casually smoking while enjoying drinks and even better music.

Find a spot in the corner of the bar which happened to be quite busy with staff, left my bag there and enjoyed a few cocktails killing time. I was tired, if I couldn’t find a hotel room by now @ 2am, I’ll wait and ge one tomorrow morning.

Close the bar and go back to Burger King, order a combo. Eat the combo and just do nothing, waiting, exhausted. Get a coffee, repeat the process. They are closing the upstairs, awesome it must be 5am. Get another coffee and find a place to sit and then this guys gf sits across, they were kinda sketchy and this other chair becomes open so I switch.

Meet a random group who before leaving start chatting this other random group. The first group leaves and one of the ladies asks me if they were my friends, I said I just met them, you? They said the same and inform me where to go which is Dam Square, I believe which is near the train station and where all the action happens.

I leave first to go to a coffee shop to have another coffee and kill some more time, not open. The girl comes out and as they are leaving explains again how to get there saying it’s where I should go. I make my way there slowly until I ask a group for some directions / just to say what’s up. We hang out a bit and walk towards the area. Suddenly I’m in the Red Light District and it’s a sordid crew of deranged derelicts at around ~7am or so.

Take some photos and hang out, this dude comes up to me and tells me his song “F@#$k EVERYONE” is #1 on Deutch MTV. I’m like “how interesting”. He gives me a CD, I’m like “eh thanks” and then he says 10 euro, I’m like that’s ok and give it back. He is like you got a couple of euro? No. For starters who does street promotion at 7 am in some sketchy part of Amsterdam?

Getting pretty tired and run into this group of 3 girls from Spain, ask them where I can get a coffee and they tell me that they know a place that opens earlier, and are headed there. We go and it’s closed. At this point above the shop they have some friends who are having an after party. I kinda stand back until I get the come with motion and we’re in this apartment in the Red Light District.

Good music playing and people chilling, this was a massive room with old wooden floors and whatnot, lots of people living there and looked like it had seen many parties previously. After some more people show up the host decides to call it as he has work at some ungodly hour.

Myself and some new friends including a Swede who lives here roll out and drink beers in random parks / streets near the canals until about 10:30 and with his roomate gone, a new after after after party.

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